6 Months

Look at me I am 6 months old!

Oh my baby is growing up. Today at the Dr's we found out that Kellen is 28 inches and weighs 19 lbs 14 oz. Matt and I were betting on at least 20 lbs!!! Kellen received 4 shots and one oral vaccination. He did so good...he cried for about 30 seconds and then was done. We did find out that he had a bilateral hernia. The Dr said that this is a common thing and the cause is unknown. We were referred to a Pediatric Surgeon. He also told us that it was a quick outpatient procedure. He made it sound like we have nothing to worry about. Of course as a parent I am still worried a little. I mean thinking of my little man under anesthesia makes me worry a little! The Dr said that it would not be very painful for Kellen, because of his age, so I guess that is a plus. Kellen also had a vision exam to check for lazy eye. She said that he passed with flying colors. The Dr said that he is perfectly healthy otherwise and he can tell that Kellen never misses a meal! :)What I do???

Kellen is really trying to crawl...he gets up on all fours and will rock back and forth...it is too cute! :) He is still sleeping very well. We put him down around 8ish and he will sleep some mornings till 7, but that is very rare. Most of the time he is up between 5 and 6. You can just see his little brain working when you talk to him...he is exploring everything...I often find that his mobile will turn on by itself ;) or that it will be changed to nature sounds from the classical music. He loves to roll under the table and it almost looks like he is "fixin" something! He is babbling up a storm these days and you can tell he really wants to talk, but just can't figure out how to make it work!Jump...Jump...Jump
Kellen's favorite thing to do!

As far as eating goes he is pretty easy. He seems to love all food except peaches. I tried to give him avocado this weekend, but he was not too sure about them...I figured I would try them again later. I figured I would try to venture out a little a try some broccoli and asparagus soon! :) He loves his oatmeal and even prunes. He has become very interested in the spoon and trying to feed himself! :) I am beginning to wear a lot more of his food due to the fact he loves to do raspberries at ALL times!Look at my two teeth! :o)

Our little man is growing so fast. He is a blessing each and every day! I can not imagine my life with out him. Matt and I are still in awe that we have a child. There really is no greater love than the love that I feel for Kellen! The smile on his face can mean even the heaviest heart!Telling Mommy about my day!

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  1. Please keep me updated on the surgery for the hernia. I am praying for you momma. Oh about the avacado...mix it with bananna babyfood and he might like it a little better!! Hope you see you real soon!!


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