It has been so long!!! Where has July gone??? :o) What have we been up to??? Really not much, you can tell by the looks of my house, I swear the dust is close to a foot deep!

Kellen got to spend a week with Grandma Dee right after the 4th. They went to the Zoo and to the Library...Kellen read a banana book! Auntie Jerilyn and Kellen enjoy playing all day and napping too! :) He loves to watch their cats Jack and Hyde. They will actually let Kellen get close to them, unlike our two old ladies, Skyler and Holly. I know that I will sure miss Auntie Jerilyn coming over every day to watch Kellen when he starts daycare on July 31st.

(Does it not look like he is saying "Do you mind, I am trying to read")
He now has two teeth!!! They are so cute, I will have to try and get a picture of them! :) Kellen continues to enjoy his veggies and has now even added fruit to the mix. So far the only thing that he will not eat is Peaches...he does not like them. I am convinced that he doesn't really like carrots either...I wore most of them the last time I gave them to him! :) Since learning how to roll over Kellen has not stopped. If we lay him down and walk away you can bet he will not be in the same place when you get back! Grandma Dee learned this lesson during the week that she spent with him. She laid him down on his activity mat and went into the kitchen...when she came back, Kellen was gone...he was underneath the coffee table!!! It is so funny to watch him...he looks like a little frog when he is on his tummy. He will kick and kick his legs when he gets excited. :) His new thing is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Our little boy is not so little any more.

On Monday, we have Kellen's 6 month check up...I am curious to see how much he has grown and how much he weighs now. Next week will be a big week...It will be Auntie Jerilyn's last week with little man. He will go to a half day of daycare on Friday. I am thinking he will do better than Mommy! :) I am not sure how I will do when he is actually awake when I leave!!!

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  1. How lucky you are that he eats veggies. You were smart by adding them first...little SS refuses all veggies. I call her my little fruititarian!!


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