Two Months Old!

I can't believe it...time has gone by so fast. I am already having mixed emotions about my time at home coming to an end. I am excited to get back to work and get back into a routine, but very sad to not be able to stay at home with my little man. But I am trying not to think about it and enjoy the weeks that I have left.

Kellen is growing like a weed. Today we went to the mall with Grandma Dee and Kellen stuck out is bottom lip when he got mad...I wish I could have got it on camera it was priceless. It was a perfect pouting face. He did it again when we got home...I think I may be in trouble if he continues to make that face...how can I say no!!!

The above picture is not the greatest of him...he was hungry so he is about to get really mad before I took the picture. This is his Easter outfit...not that we are going anywhere, but maybe I can talk Matt into going to lunch or something! :) I am excited to take him to the mall and get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny! :)

We have had a quiet last week. I have been just hanging out at home and snuggling with him since it has been so rainy! I miss the sunshine...but I am glad for all the rain, because it will make everything so green and pretty! Kellen now has a new cousin...Taylor Eryn was born on Monday. We are going to meet her on Sunday...We are very excited. Kellen is now surrounded by three girl cousins! I would not be surprised if in the future we get some pictures of Kellen in a princess dress or something! :)

Matt is still working long hours and on the Saturdays, so Kellen and I have been hanging out with Grandma Dee a lot. I am not sure what we would do without her. She has been a HUGE help!!! She has also helped me keep sane with some adult conversation. Amanda and Madison have been a huge help too! I am excited to say now it will be my turn over the next couple of weeks to visit Amanda, Madison and Taylor! Look forward to some cute pictures of the cousins! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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