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So for as long as I can remember I have always wanted a baby with a ton of hair. Well Kellen has just that. Before he was born I made a comment about how I wanted it to stick up...well if you can imagine I actually combed his hair down in the above picture...as soon as it was totally dry it was sticking straight up! :) I love it!!!

I have been enjoying my time with Kellen each day. It amazes me how fast he is growing. He is beginning to get a belly, it is too cute. Yesterday we tried "tummy time" and as you can see below it did not go very well. I will keep trying, but Kellen is living up to the meaning of his name..."strong willed". He seems to do things on his own time.

Last night he went from 9 pm to 4 am without eating...now if we could just get him to sleep that whole time. He didn't go to sleep till almost midnight. He is a night owl just like his Daddy. He is still loving his baths. Each day I am amazed at how much his personality is starting to show. Grandma Dee says that he is going to be a lot like Matt. He is my little man...I don't think that I ever knew that a love like this existed.

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