First week home!

Welcome to world of laundry every day, diaper changes, sleeping in intervals of about 3-5 hours, learning to do things with one hand, deciphering different sounds, and loving every minute of it. The first week home has been so wonderful. Matt and I have spent hours just looking at Kellen and laughing at the different looks and sounds that he makes. Kellen has a very expressive face and we have many pictures of the different faces of Kellen. In the last week, we made our first pediatrician visit, gave Kellen his first Bath, and made our first outing to Target. The first two went very well, but the last one was a little stressful for me! :) I ended up leaving my stuff with my mom and going to the car with Kellen! In his first visit to the Dr, he gained 3 oz and received his first shot. He did really well he screamed for 3 seconds and then was all better. Kellen liked his first bath...he cried when we took him out and was drying him off. I have a feeling he will be like his daddy and really enjoy baths. Thank you to all of our friends and family that have called, stopped by, and dropped dinner off to us. It has been so helpful and we have not had to worry about much. Uncle Chris came by and visited and fed Kellen his lunch and brought some goodies for us. Sarah and Glenn dropped by with dinner and Kellen had an accident on Glenn. Poor Glenn! Allison and Daniel dropped by with Carson and dinner for us. Carson was too cute and giggling up a storm. I have a feeling that Kellen and Carson will be fast friends as the grow up! :) I have enjoyed my time staying with Kellen and watching him grow. I know that my time at home will go fast and Kellen will grow up before my eyes. Matt went back to work last Wednesday and my mom was able to hang out with us for the rest of the week. Grandma Dee moved last weekend and now lives only about three minutes away! It has been a busy week and we are learning new things every day.

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