Kellen's Birth Story

So now that we are settled and kind of in a routine I am finally finding some time to write about Kellen's birth. Last Tuesday on January 27, 2009, we went to the Dr for another ultrasound and check up. We also knew that today was the day that we would be making a decision about going natural or going for a c-section. At this point in time we had already discussed everything and knew that we were leaning towards a c-section for safety concerns for Kellen and for me. We had the ultrasound first and met with the Dr, he let us know that the estimated weight for Kellen was 11 lbs 11 oz. His recommendation was a c-section because the baby was measuring so large. So then on to talk with the midwife. She spoke with the ultrasound Dr and they discussed Kellen's size and his recommendation. I was at peace with this decision and no longer felt like I was failing or getting the short end of the deal as far as this is not the birth plan that I had in mind. I was more concerned about Kellen's safety and excited about meeting my son. Sherry, our midwife, spoke with my Dr (who happens to be on maternity leave and only seeing a few patients, but not handling any births). So Sherry came in and told us that Dr Scieneaux was speaking with the Dr that was covering her for c-sections. So we waited and waited, while waiting I called work and said I was coming back, but was just waiting for a date for our c-section (at this point I was thinking later in the week not that day). Dr Scieneaux walked in and said okay...Dr Reynolds will be performing your c-section and she is at Northside today already doing one and has said that she will add us in (everything she said kind of went in one ear and out the other as I was digesting the fact I was going to meet Kellen in only a couple of hours). So then once again I called work and said "So I am coming back, but only to clear my desk and say goodbye." We left there and everything was a whirlwind. I went back to work and handed out all the work on my desk, ran home finished packing my bags, and took a quick shower. On the way there Matt and I just laughed...Kellen's birth was nothing like what we planned. We had not toured the hospital were we were to give birth, we had no clue who the Dr was, and we had not known that when we woke up that day we would be meeting our son.

Once we got to the hospital we checked in and waited for a room. Then once we got a room the waiting began. We kept getting bumped since there were a few emergency c-sections and then Dr Reynolds went into another surgery before ours. So we waited and finally when it was time it went so fast that I can't remember all the details. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural and then all of a sudden it was go, go, go. Soon I was in the OR and the anesthesiologist was saying, "would you believe me if I told you they already started." I was having a hard time focusing on anything, because I was trying really hard to not have a panic attack...I was becoming so claustrophobic from all the stuff around my face. I was trying to focus on the birth of my son. Then before I knew it Matt was standing up taking pictures of Kellen and then I heard him cry. Then in a matter of minutes Matt and Kellen were gone and I was alone with everyone sewing me up and I felt like I was floating...the anesthesiologist said he gave me a strong margarita. :) Not to much longer I was in the recovery room with Kellen and Matt and trying to focus on things so that I could see Kellen and see what he looks like. Since I had planned a natural birth I had not done a lot of research on the side effects from the epidural...my body would not stop shaking...it was a little scary. Before I knew it I was in our room and waiting for Kellen to join us so that finally I could hold him for the first time. Finally he was there and I got to hold him and the events of the day could not have had a better ending. He was finally here and he was healthy and I was healthy and that was all that mattered. My heart melted and I fell in love with the little man we call Kellen!

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