And the wait continues...

Well I still don't know much more than I did last week. My ultrasound went well yesterday. They said everything looks good. I do have to say that it was the neatest ultrasound to date in my opinion. He was really moving so I got to see his ear and his little hand opening and closing like he was waving to me saying, "Hi Mommy!" It made it difficult to get any really good pictures this week so I decided not to post any. Matt was not able to make it, but I was a little sad that he missed this one, because Kellen was so active. They said next week they will do another weight estimate, so my midwife has decided to wait till next week to come up with a game plan. Matt talked with Corrinna (our Doula) and she was very reassuring that we still have a choice in the matter and can have the birth that we want. That helped me so much as I was a little down about the way things were headed. She told Matt that she just attended a home birth and the baby was 11 lbs and the mother went naturally. She gave Matt some ideas to possibly kick start my labor so that Kellen might come on his own. We have decided to wait till Tuesday and see what happens and then if they are leaning towards inducing, we will ask for some time for Kellen to decide to come on his own. I might just have to give the famous Scallini's Eggplant Parmesan a try and see if that will make me go into labor! :) Everyone has been so great giving me little things to try to help my labor start! In reality I know Kellen will come when he is ready. I am just hoping that he decides to come early. :)

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