No Baby Yet!

Over all the Dr's went well yesterday. They did another measurement and came up with an estimate of 9lbs 7oz. I am actually really curious to see what his weight will be when he comes out. Even the ultrasound Dr said we would have to call and let him know how big he really is, to see how close the estimate is. After that, we talked with the midwife and came up with a game plan. They are going to let me go for the next two weeks and then reassess the situation. Matt and I are crossing our fingers that Kellen decides to come on his own. The Midwife did check me to see if I was dilated, but Kellen has not dropped and is still way up there. On a positive note, my cervix is starting to thin, so maybe, just maybe, with the full moon and change in barometric pressure Kellen will decide to come! :)

Last Thursday, the girls at work gave me a shower. It was so much fun. They even invited my mom! It was really nice. They really spoiled me and, let me tell you, Kellen will be one cute dressed little boy! Of course they had my FAVORITE cupcakes!!! Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry mousse icing....yummy! I really am lucky to work with such a great group of women!

The Girls at Work

(Back Row) Jennifer, Beth, Dawn, Juanita (Middle Row) Melissa & Kathy

Last Friday, Matt's work gave us a shower. They insisted that I join them and try as I may, Matt would not let me miss it. Even though I really dreaded going (due to my shyness), I really had a lot of fun. They played a few games...Matt and Alston (a male coworker) had to drink juice from a bottle and see which one could finish first. Alston won! Two other male coworkers had to race to see who could dress the baby the fastest. It really was a lot of fun to watch. They gave us The Floppy and a cute outfit and then the partners gave us a generous gift certificate. We are very spoiled in the fact that we both work for such wonderful companies filled with wonderful people!

I know that everyone is anxiously waiting for Kellen's arrival. I wanted to let everyone know that we appreciate all the phone calls and emails that we have received, just to check on us! As soon as I get some pictures from the two showers I will post them! :)

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