Weekly Weigh-In #3

What a week!  It was a tough one looking at what I was eating and when I was eating it!  I like to think that at almost a year on this journey I have learned all the lessons I need to, but this is not one of those journeys.  I have to constantly look at what I am eating and how much I am exercising and make changes when needed.

I was proud of my week.  I made adjustments and I was drinking my water.  I can't attribute all of my weight loss to that though, because I ended my week with a stomach bug.  Not my idea of a perfect week, but I was so excited to get on the scale on Sunday and see I have lost a little of 40 pounds on my journey and I am at a weight I have not been at for close to 14 years.  There may or may not have been a little celebration dance in my bathroom.  Here is the break down of my week...

The Results...

Pounds Lost This Week ~ 4 lbs
Total weight loss since April 2014 ~ 42.5 lbs
Pounds Till next Reward ~ .5 lbs
Next Reward ~ A Stephanie Day

Goals For The Week...

1) Hit my goal for my Water  (trying out a new app on my phone for tracking water).
2) Continue tracking my food, so that I can look for improvements.
3) Continue with the Couch to 5k program (Week 7 here I come).

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 ***Please note that by no means am I a professional. I have no formal training of any kind. I am just a girl writing about my own weight loss journey and sharing things that worked for me. Before starting any new life change, please consult your Dr.


  1. Hi, we became Pinterest "friends" today. :) Your weight loss journey will be an inspiration for me after I have this baby and work to get my body back! Thanks for following me, and I look forward to getting to know you better!

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comment! Congrats on the bundle of joy! I look forward to getting to know you also


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