Weekly Weigh In #2

It was not too long ago, when weigh-ins like this would happen and I would get SO discouraged.  But I can honestly say that while I think I could have done better, I am still proud of my week!  A loss is a loss in my book!  After almost a year of tracking my weight loss I have realized I have one week a month that I tend to gain or lose very little...I also bet that you can guess why that is.  It is when my lovely little monthly visitor comes for a visit.  I tend to not be able to control my eating as well and also feel like I am starving ALL the time.  I have learned to grab healthier options, but I can't always stay away from the chocolate!  So here is how my weigh-in went this week...

The Results...

Pounds Lost This Week ~  0.8 lbs
Total weight loss since April 2014 ~ 38.5 lbs
Pounds Till next Reward ~ 4.3 lbs
Next Reward ~ A Stephanie Day

How did I do for my Goals Last Week...

1) Create a weekly meal plan for the rest of February ~ Didn't accomplish this one
2) Find a "Fish" recipe to try for next week ~ Still looking for just the right one
3) Find some new and interesting lunch ideas that are heavy on the Protein and low on the carbs ~ Trying out a few new ones this week
4) Plan out my "Stephanie" Day ~  Part of it is planned
5) Finally go to Starbucks to do my last reward (I have gone 5 weeks without Starbucks and this is a LONG time for me)  ~ Enjoyed this so much on Saturday!  
6) Continue with the Couch to 5k program (Week 5 Day 2 here I come) ~ I managed to run 3 days last week and today managed to run for 25 minutes straight today!!!  

Goals For The Week...

1) Drink my Water (I have slacked off on this habit a little in the last week)
2) Keep looking for the perfect "Fish" recipe to try
3) Start a food journal, so that I can take a look at my diet and look for improvements
4) Continue with the Couch to 5k program (Week 6 Day 2 here I come)

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***Please note that by no means am I a professional. I have no formal training of any kind. I am just a girl writing about my own weight loss journey and sharing things that worked for me. Before starting any new life change, please consult your Dr.

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