Tis The Season...

I think that is face says it all!  It means I am on the right track!  This Christmas season could have so easily turned out so differently!  In the beginning of October I began to dread the upcoming Holiday season.  Money has been tight and the thought of putting Christmas on a credit card turned my stomach!  But then I began to realize that Christmas was not about how many Christmas presents are under the tree or even how much I spent on each of those gifts.  Christmas means something totally different than that!  So I set out on a mission to change the way we view Christmas in the Portman house!  I am still working on how everything will turn out.  But Operation Shoe box was a perfect place to start!  Kellen had so much fun from the moment we let him pick up the shoe box to fill from Church to going to picking the age of the child, then on to Walmart to fill it with as many things as possible, and finally to delivering it back to Church.  I would say that this Christmas season is off on the right foot.  I also believe that this is going to be my favorite yet!  

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