Goin' Ridin...

Being from Montana one of the things that I feel like my kids miss out is the opportunity to be around farm animals.  I grew up surrounded with animals...I especially loved riding horses.  So when we got an invite from one of Kellen's school friends to go to a horse farm for her Birthday, I was so excited for him!

It turned out to be REALLY cold that day, but I don't think the kids cared.  They had so much fun!  They each got to take a turn riding a horse and because Kellen was one of the last kiddos he got to ride the horse up to the barn!  They also got to paint the horse.  Each kiddo got paint on his/her hands and then they all made hand prints!  It was so cute!  They had pizza & cake and then got to hit a pinata!  There was some baby kittens and I did have to sneak some time holding one!  They were so cute!!!

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