Did someone call the Fire Department???

 Happy Halloween from Fire Chief Kellen & Dalmatian Puppy Quinn!!!

We had so much fun this year!  Kellen had been asking and asking to carve a pumpkin and time just got away from us!  SO what did we do on Halloween...Matt drove around to several places looking for a pumpkin so that we could carve a pumpkin with Kellen....Thank you Home Depot for still having pumpkins!

 I was so excited when we were able to carry on our tradition of getting together with the Goodwald family!  This year I think we finally found our traditional meal!  We made Taco Salad and it was perfect!  :o)  It was still a little chaotic trying to get the kids all fed and then dressed and then out to trick or treat...BUT I know it will get easier as they get older!  It was SO nice to visit with Sarah and the kids had so much fun trick or treating!  Kellen made out like a bandit, but I have to say that Mommy and Daddy confiscated most of it!

Quinn (10 Months), Kellen (almost 5), Grant (20 Months), Ansley (almost 8) & Gabbi (almost 3 1/2)

 Happy Halloween!!!

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