10 Months

 Quinn vs. Kellen at 10 Months

  • She is pretty much in 12 month clothing with a few 18 months thrown in!  Oh her hair...I love it, but it does have a mind of its own.  It pretty much looks like she just woke up with bed head about 95% of the day.  I have really just taken to the practice of sticking a clip in it and readjusting it a million times because she like to pull them out!  :o)

  • She is getting 4-6 oz bottles and three meals a day with some snacks.  She is pretty much eating all table food and refuses any baby food! Pretty much if it is on my plate she will eat it!  She is getting better with a sippy although she really likes to drink out of a glass...I may have to think about skipping the sippy all together.  She loves water!  Which is a huge relief to me, because I am not a water drinker and Kellen hated water!  I had to put juice in his water to get him to drink anything!  

  • She is pulling up and starting to walk with a walker and along furniture & cabinets.  She is getting stronger and braver!  She loves to walk with you!  If she could have her way I would walk her around all day!  Little Miss Quinn has found the stairs and LOVES to crawl up them!  If the gate is not closed then you better watch out!   She would live in the bath if I would let her.  She is really starting to talk.  I mean she jabbers ALL day long.  She is such a girl!  :o) She is saying mama, dada and baba.  Along with a whole lot of other words that sound a little like she is speaking Chinese!  She is such a good baby...she loves to sit and play, but also she loves to be on the go!  She is still hating the car seat which makes running errands hard!  It is a fight every time!  I honestly believe it is because she believes she is being restrained! 

  • I think she is going to be a little shy, but if she can come to you on her terms then all is good!  She is a lot better about going to Wumba land.  I think she has realized she can get some snack while she is there!  ha! I will be a little sad when she starts walking because she will have to move classes!

  • She is still taking 2 naps at 10 and 2.  She is getting really good at going with the flow with Kellen's baseball schedule.  His games seem to hit right at nap time!  :o)  We still head up stairs around 6:30ish for bath time and then we have some snuggle time with a bottle and she is off to bed.  She usually goes down around 7ish.

  • 2 more teeth have finally come through!  She has her top two now!  She is still chewing on everything and anything!  The amount of drool that comes out of her is still ridiculous!  And she is still cranky so I think there are more on the way! 

  • Music class just ended and we are a little sad to not sign up again, but the price was a little hard to pay this time around!  So we are hoping to do a few more play dates to keep her socialized!  

  • Kellen and Quinn are so cute together!  I love to see the way that she looks at him!  He is her whole world and she gets SO mad when he doesn't want to play with her!  He is kind and gentle with her for the most part!  We are struggling a little bit on discipline with her (as far as when she takes toys away from Kellen and then he takes them back which makes her scream).  I know that it will get easier the older she gets and I hope that they both keep the special bond that they have formed!  :o)

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