A day for Kellen...

Today was ALL about Mr Kellen!  He has been so busy with school & baseball we figured that we would do something fun!  So here is what we came up with....

Activity #1 ~

Kellen loves the Home Depot Kids Workshop and is constantly asking to go.  If you don't know about these, Home Depot does them once a month on the 1st Saturday.  They are FREE!!!  They have kits that you get to go and pick what you want to build, paint and take home!  Kellen LOVES it!!!  Normally just Daddy & Kellen go, but we decided the whole family should go!  It is Fire safety month so a fire truck was there, a bouncy house, a fire dog mascot, a police officer with a dog that was doing demonstrations!  It was a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures...

SO proud of his Fire Plan!

Activity #2 ~

Cherokee County put on a Touch a Truck that is every little boys dream!  There was any county vehicle that you could think of...a Fire Truck, Bucket Truck, Garbage Truck, Dump Truck and so on and so on!!!  Kellen's friend Braden was there so the boys had a blast!  

Kellen said that this truck was a little stinky!

Quinn & Cameron...I'd love to know what they are thinking!

Wouldn't you love to know what they are saying!

Love his face in the last picture!  We told him it was time to go and this is what we got!  :o)

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