There is something about this time of year...a time of new beginnings.  Spring is in the air and new colors are popping up everyday!  The birds are singing and the lizards are venturing out to sun themselves on our porch (I could do without the lizards & the pollen)!!!  Easter was a lot of fun this year.  Kellen was so cute and on several occasions at random times would shout out...."Jesus is Alive"!!!  When we asked him why we celebrate Easter he would say, "Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins" and then with all the innocence in the world looked at me and ask, "What is sin"???  The innocence of a child is an amazing thing!

We enjoyed Easter this year with our two kiddos!  I do have to say shopping for an Easter dress for Quinn was very fun!  I still can't believe that I have a little girl!  :o) Here is a look at our festivities....

On the Wednesday before Easter, Kellen had an Easter party at school!  They enjoyed an egg hunt (twice because they had so much fun), lunch, a couple games, and the story of Easter.  I absolutely love Kellen's school and he is loving school so much.  I am not sure what he will do when he is finished in a little over a month!  Next year he will go 5 days a week and I am sure he will LOVE it!  Here are a few pictures from the party....


On Saturday our neighborhood put on an Easter Egg Hunt!  It was SO much fun this year.  There was a DJ that played games and Kellen had a blast!  Quinn pretty much slept through the whole thing!  Ha!  We invited Deanna & Charles to go with us and we enjoyed catching up with them and their two little ones!  After the egg hunt we went to Mexican and had so much fun chatting!  Deanna and I sat and talked about the babies that are only a few weeks apart!  We can't believe that they are here...it seems like yesterday we were both shopping with our big belly's.  Here are some pictures from the egg hunt...


On Sunday, we had breakfast with Nana and then since it was a little rainy, the bunny planned a scavenger hunt in the house for Kellen!  He had so much fun and we still have to read his clues so he can relive the hunt!  There was 13 clues that led to 12 eggs and then ended with Kellen & Quinn's Easter basket!  :o)  So here is our scavenger hunt, clues and all...

#1 ~ Find me in the place where you would find Art Projects....

In Mommy's studio
#2 ~ I was hungry so I ate the next best thing...

In the Kitty Food!
#3 ~ I bumped my head on the kitty food lid so I borrowed your boo-boo bug!

In the Freezer!
#4 ~ I wanted to play for a bit so I built a house...

In a Lincoln Log house!
#5 ~ I got a little sleepy so I took a snooze in your sisters bed.

In Quinn's Pack & Play
#6 ~ After I woke up I needed to potty...you were out of toilet paper so I needed to find some.

Under the Bathroom Sink
#7 ~ Oops I spilled soap all over me, so I need to take a bath!

In my bathtub!
#8 ~ My shirt was wet from the soap so I had to dry it...

In the Dryer
#9 ~ I peeked in on your sister and she was stinky...so I changed her for your mommy and daddy

In Quinn's room by the diaper trash can
#10 ~ Then I peeked in on your and read a book or maybe two!

On my book shelf
#11 ~ My feet got cold so I tried on your Daddy's Dirty Bird slippers...

In Daddy's slipper...silly bunny
#12 ~ I wanted to brush my fur before my next stop so I borrowed your mommy's brush...

In mommy's bathroom
#13 ~ I left a surprise where mommy & Daddy keep their clothes!

In the closet!  AND there's TWO!!!

After the hunt was over we headed to church.  It was nice to go back...it was the first time since Quinn was born.  I have been so afraid to take her anywhere because of all the yucky things going around!  We are slowly getting out of the house, but I think she has allergies like her brother and mommy!  Her poor little nose has been stuffy!   We snapped a few pictures of the kids and us all dressed up!


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