One Little...Two Little...Three Little....

MONTHS????  My baby can't be 3 months already can she???  I can't believe how fast it is going!  I really do go to bed every night and believe I will wake up to her driving a car and then moving out and then getting married!  I just can't believe how fast it is going.  I also can't believe how complete adding one little angel can make a family!  As I say that I know that she is probably our last and our family feels complete and whole, but it makes me a little sad to say it out loud or to even think about making it final! But that is for another post.

Here is a little peak into what our life has looked like for the last 3 months...

Month 1 ~

She got into a great routine at the hospital of every three hours as soon as we figured out how much she wanted to eat!  She continued that after she got home.  She was so easy as first and Matt and I felt so lucky to be blessed with a baby that was SO easy.  Well at about three weeks that changed a little...for about 2-3 hours every night she liked to scream and seemed to only be comforted if Mommy had her!  We would bounce and walk and talk and I could calm her down, but I did not dare sit down or hand her off to Matt.  She was eating about 3.5 to 4 ounces every 2.5 to 3 hours.  This time around I am able to get enough milk to feed her without any formula.  With Kellen I was never able to produce enough milk and always had to supplement with formula and was only able to make it 4 months.  So it is love/hate relationship!  I love the fact that she is getting all mommy's milk, but I don't really enjoy the pumping part and the making sure I have drank enough water and ate enough for the day.  I admire people who are able to keep this up for a year!  We will see how long I can go...right now my goal is 6 months, but I really would love to make it 12 months!   we will see!  Quinn was wearing 3 month clothing and really never was able to fit into any newborn clothes.  She gave us a few smiles here and there and we treasured each one when she flashed us her dimples!  So far she hasn't lost any of her hair and it is crazy as ever.  It is curly when wet, but dries all crazy and wavy ..she also has a ton of cowlicks (is that how it is spelled???)!  We have been blessed with her addition...we are just ready for some sleep!

 Quinn vs Kellen at 1 month

 Month 2 ~

Quinn is growing like a weed!  I couldn't wait for her two month check up so that I could see just how much she had grown.  At her 2 month check up she weighed in at 13 lbs even and was 32 1/2 inches.  Quinn showed her true self at the appointment!  If the Dr did anything and Quinn didn't like it she let her know!  The Dr said she is not going to be afraid to speak her mind when shes older and she will do just fine with an older brother!  Ha!  She has a little bit of a temper and will let you know exactly what she wants!  Most of the time it revolves around her being tired or hungry!  She is such a happy baby and we get smiles all the time!  We bought a bouncy vibrating seat and I can tell you it has changed our lives!  The screaming has stopped and she really is only fussy when tired or hungry! We can sit and bounce her in her seat and she falls asleep and sleeps contently until she is ready to wake up!  She is eating about 4-4.5 ounces ever 3 hours.  Her sleep at night is getting better and we are getting about 4-5 hours in between feedings and every once in a while she will go 6 hours!  She is a cat napper and will nap 30-45 minutes and then every once in while she will sleep 2 hours!  I have to say I can't wait till we get to the scheduled naps and the 10-12 hours at night!  :o)  She tries so hard to talk to you!  She is cooing and her whole body wiggles like she is trying SO hard to talk back to us!  You know how they say that you know when a baby is ready to eat real food if they are watching you eat and will smack their lips!  Quinn has started doing this...I think she will be so excited to try this food thing out when she hits 4 months!  While I want to cherish every minute with her at the current stage (because I know that she is more than likely the last baby in our house until grandchildren) I find myself so excited for the BIG milestones, because I remember how fun it was with Kellen!  She is wearing size 3 month clothing, but some are getting a little snug if they are one pieces.  We moved her up to a size 2 diaper to help with leaking!

Quinn vs Kellen at 2 months 

Month 3 ~

Time is flying and Quinn continues to grow like a weed!  She is wearing, but about ready to grow out of 3 month clothing and is wearing some 6 months due to her length!  She is getting so long and her cheeks are just so kissable!  I love her rolls (something Kellen never really had)!  She is eating 5 ounces ever 3-4 hours. She is trying really hard to roll over and gets so mad that she can't do it, but when you help her over to her tummy she gets even madder...so I'm not sure where she thinks she is going!  She smiles ALL the time, especially when you are talking to her or her big brother stops to pay her any attention!  She wants to talk so bad and coos and screeches all the time.  She has this excited screech that is so funny!  She is trying to giggle and it is so funny to hear her try...I have been trying to catch it on video, but so far no luck!  She is constantly wiggling and getting really good at using her legs to scoot herself off her mat when on the floor.  She loves being outside and I can't wait for the warm weather to return!  She loves her bath time and kicking her legs in the water, but watch out when you take her out because she will scream and turn red and you better not dare put the hooded towel over her head!  She is still a cat napper, but they are getting a little more scheduled and more often in her crib and not down in her bouncer!  She doesn't really like her car seat so she will scream a lot if the car is not moving...so car pool is a lot of fun right now!  Ha!  She is sleeping any where from 6-8 hours a night and we have had a few 9 hour nights thrown in there!  She will get up to eat and then go back down for another 3 hours usually until it is time to eat again!  She still has not lost any of her hair...she is actually getting more that is a brown color coming in!  To mommy's disappointment she doesn't seem to love bows, but I just keep putting them in!  :o) I am enjoying my time with her so much!  She really has completed our family!  Kellen is loving Quinn so much!  he really wants to take care of her and feed her...if only we could get him to changer her diapers!  Ha!  We have pictures set up with Lisa again soon, so I can't wait to share those with everyone!  We have our routine down pretty good.  I still don't get out of the house with her and Kellen much, because she really doesn't like the car, but I am hoping that will change!  I am really looking forward to warm weather so we can at least get out and go to the park or something or even go walking!

Quinn vs Kellen at 3 months

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