Take Me Out To the Ball Game...

I think Matt has been waiting for this day since the day we found out that Kellen was a boy!  Matt was like a kid in a candy store when it was time to register Kellen for T.ball (and a little disappointed that Kellen could have started play last fall).  Matt talked to a lot of people about several different baseball programs and we finally decided on Sandy Plains.  It came highly recommended and it is somewhere (if Kellen is interested) that he can play all the way through high school.  He started in the middle of February with practices and loves it!  Matt is one of the coaches and really enjoying that time with Kellen.  On March 9th he had is first game!  He was SO cute in his uniform!

The games are so funny to watch!  Kellen played in the dirt a lot and would talk to all the boys that were on the other team as they game to the base that Kellen was playing!  Half the time the boys are looking the other way  or have their backs to the ball.  Half the time they hit the ball and then chase it instead of running the bases!  It is so cute!  When anyone yells for the boys...they almost stop in their tracks and look at who is yelling at them!  :o) It is an hour of so much fun and quite a few good laughs!  Here are a few pictures from the game!


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