Parties, Parties & More Parties...

I can't believe it is getting so close to November...where has 2011 went???  Kellen is changing so much and I know that I am going to forget so much (since I have been horrible at blogging this year).  He is talking up a storm and sometimes I have no idea where he is learning some of this stuff!  Haha!  He is great at colors & shapes & counting!  He can count to 14 and then gets a little mixed up!  He has some of his letters down, but that is a work in progress.  If we ask him what "Boo Boo's" name is he will say "Kayen" for Kellen so we are moving in the right direction....He knows Mommy's name is Stephanie and attempts to say it, but it sounds more like "stayanie" and Daddy's name is "Matt".  Sometimes if Matt is not listening to him when he is saying Daddy...he will say Matt!  It is too funny!  We tried to teach him Nana's name is "Da-vo-na...but he said "Na-Na"!!!  We got a good laugh at that!

He is a great sleeper, but is trying really hard to give up naps.  I know that I am super lucky to have him nap up until now, but I really like those 2 hours and am so NOT ready for him to give them up!  He is getting more and more picky about his food, but I have been trying to get him to eat more meat and not the normal toddler foods all the time!  :o)  He still loves anything that moves, anything that makes noise and anything that has to do with outside!!!  He LOVES music and Daddy has taught him to do the "robot dance"  I really want to get it on video!  He loves to dance and will come into my (newish) studio and wants music on so he can dance!  He LOVES sports...on Sundays it is now "game day" and we MUST wear our jersey's (this includes to church)!  Matt is SO proud!  As far as Potty training goes...he will sit on the potty, but has yet to do anything in the potty!  We will get there one day!  He is just a busy, busy boy that doesn't stop and keeps us on our toes!  :o)

Other than that we have been busy with normal life!  Matt is still loving his new job even with all the challenges it brings.  I am staying super busy with Little Boo Creations and trying really hard to keep up with the house...although these days unless you "really" know me I will not be inviting you over!  Haha!  One day I will catch up on all the cleaning and the piles that have found their way to my house!  :o)  We have been to several birthday parties over the last few months so I figured I would share some of our favorite pictures!  :o)

Little Miss Sarah Scott's 3rd Birthday July 30th ~

 Cake Time!!!

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

See ya next time Whitfield Family!!!

Miss Ella's 6th Birthday ~ Aug 6th

Owl PJ Party!  :o) Amy is so talented she made owls for all the kiddo's!

Little Miss Macy B's 2nd Birthday ~ Aug 10th

 A Gymboree Party!  

 Happy Birthday Miss Macy B!

Chillin' after Pizza & Cake!!!

Cousin Madison's 5th Birthday ~ September 9th


Happy Birthday Madison!

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  1. Goodness yall have been birthday party people this summer. We were so happy you all made it to SS bday. We love getting to see yall!! The pics are cute. Kellen is growing so much. SS still has not gone in the potty so trust me you have time. Hope to see yall soon!xox


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