Growing like a weed...

I really wish that I could stop time and keep Kellen just the way he is at this moment in time!  He is SO much fun!  He is growing so fast and changing almost daily.  It seems like just yesterday he was spouting out a few words and now he is talking in sentences (very broken ones, but 3 to 4 words).  One of my favorite things is when he cries now he will say "I cry"!  His other favorite is "I want"!  We are working on some manners!

I can't believe that in two days Kellen will officially be 2 1/2 years old!  Where is my baby???  I know I say it all the time, but I know it was just yesterday that I was driving to the hospital to have him.

He still loves his Daddy!  As soon and he gets home he wants nothing to do with Mommy.  I can't even walk into the kitchen to get him juice, because he wants Daddy to do it!  He is attached to him at the hip.  It is so fun to watch them together.  Matt is a HERO in Kellen's eyes!

We are working on "No" with Kellen!  Kellen LOVES to say "No, No, No" and he has the finger wag to go a long with it! :o)  He is getting a little bossy!  But from what I hear this is normal for his age!  Haha!

He loves books, puzzles, trains, cars, music and ANYTHING to do with Mickey Mouse!  One of his favorite things to do is march around the house with his kazoo and drum.  It is SO darn cute!  I really want to take him to Disney...I think he would LOVE it!  :o) 

He still will eat pretty much everything.  He seems to go through stages of being picky, but I think he is just becoming more and more opinionated.  He loves Mac & Cheese...he would eat the whole box if I let him!  His favorite snack is Animal Crackers that he calls "Cookies"!

Kellen has learned most of his colors, so we love to play the color game each morning letting him tell me what color his clothes are and what color are mommy's?  The other morning he suprised me saying "orange stripes".  He was right...I had no idea he knew stripes from solids!   We are still working on counting, but he seems to know 1,2,3, 6, & 10.  He loves to repeat letters as we spell out words.  We are working on his spelling Kellen and helping him realize his name is Kellen and not Boo~Boo!  Somebody suggested I get the "Letter Factory" from Leap Frog!  So I think I will look into getting that!  

He is learning people's names and it is so cute...He knows "Chris", "Gabbi", & "Jen" and says it SO cute when he says it!  He loves his Nana (my mom) and Papa (Matt's Dad)...and get SO excited to see them!

I just know that I am going to wake up tomorrow and he will be getting is drivers license...My baby is not a baby anymore! 

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