Happy Easter!!!

I am really falling behind on the blogging thing!  But I thought I would share pictures from the two Easter egg hunts that we did...

Hunt #1 with Ansley ~


Hunt #2 with City On A Hill, UMC ~



 Both egg hunts were SO much fun!  Kellen learned the word "Egga"...so every time he saw (or sees) a egg, he says "Egga ~ Egga"!!!  We are headed to church tomorrow (super excited our church just moved to their very own space...before we had service in a school cafeteria) and then my mom is coming over and we are grilling out!  Not the normal Easter dinner, but it will be just as fun!

Other than that we have just been hanging out!  It feels like we are super busy, but I am not sure what we have been doing!  Matt was working a lot of hours for Tax season, but that is over so YIPEE!!!  I have been keeping busy with Little Boo Creations!  Kellen continues to spit out words and is really starting to repeat what we say!  :o)  He has added, wet, juice, apple, ready, up, down, sit, and so many more words.  It amazing me how quickly he is picking up on things these days.  He is learning his colors, and he knows that he is two (or "do" years old).  He is trying so hard to count and can almost say 1, 2, 3!  It is amazing to have watched him go from saying ma & da to having somewhat of a vocabulary (seems like it was overnight).

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Steph he is such a cute boy...so stinkin handsome. I know he just makes your heart smile. Happy Easter!


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