Happy 1st Birthday!!! (LONG over due)

I had every intention of doing this post forever ago, but I am not sure where time has gone!!!  I can't believe that my baby is one!!!  We had a small celebration on his real birthday with a practice cupcake!  He really was not sure what to think about the cupcake, until I stuck his hand in it and he got a taste of the frosting!


Then the real celebration was on Saturday, January 30th!  We had about 30 people (that included 9 kids under the age of 5, most under the age of 1).  It was so fun to see all of the babies!!!  I have to say that all the hard work and stress was SO worth it and the party turned out perfectly in my eyes.  We ended up with not a lot of leftover food which is great in my eyes!  Kellen ended up being very spoiled...our living room has still not recovered from all the loot that he ended up with!  

The party is really such a blur, there was good food, we opened presents, had cake and did a lot of talking and catching up with friends and family!  It was just how I imagined it!  :o)  So here are a few pictures from the big day! 

Also our friend Ashly took some pictures and they are up now...she got the cutest picture of Sarah Scott trying to give Kellen a kiss it is so cute!

Then go to "clients"
Then "The Portman Family"
The password is "matthew"
The pictures start on page 4

Thanks to everyone that was there to help us make some very fun memories!  Matt and I were super excited to get to meet Hampton Cole...he was so precious and I could have held him forever!  It was so much fun to see all the kids playing together.  It was fun to think about next year with all the babies this year that will be running along with all the bigger kids.  

On Feb 2nd we headed to the Dr's to get Kellen's 1 year check up!  Kellen also got 5 shots and was such a trooper!  He didn't start crying until the 3rd shot!  Then it when it was all over he looked at the nurse with almost a glare like "what did i ever do to you"  Kellen has really slowed down in growth and I think has even lost some weight since he has started to walk.  In December when we took him for a sick visit, he was weighing in at 26 lbs.  At this visit he was 24 lbs 15 oz and is 31 inches tall.  The Dr says he is perfect!  I love hearing that!

So what is he up to these days...

  • He is practically running.  it was like after Christmas he just took off and hasn't stopped!  He loves going up the stairs, but he hasn't figured out how to go down...we are still working on that one! 
  • He is sleeping great when he is healthy!  At 7 we head up for bath time and then he is in bed around 7:30.  He then will wake up anywhere between 7 and 8 in the morning!  He is taking two naps a day still.  He will take one at 10 am and will sleep anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours.  And then he will lay down at 3 and will sleep anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours...just depends on the day!  i have tried to keep him up past 10 so that maybe I could get him to 1 nap a day, but by 10:15 he is so cranky and whiny that to bed we go!  But I hope to work with him to get him down to 1 nap so that it will make it easier to get out of the house and make plans!  :o)  
  • Kellen continues to eat very well!  He will pretty much eat anything we put in front of him.  He has his moments some days where he doesn't feel like eating what you fixed, but normally is pretty good.  The ONLY problem we have is that when Kellen sees Sklyer, who will hang out under his high chair he loves to feed her his food instead of eating it himself.  So we have started to have to put Skyler up when we feed Kellen!
  • Kellen is now at home with Mommy as of Jan 8th.  I don't know about Kellen, but Mommy is loving this!  I have got to see so many things that I would have missed if I was working!  I can't wait till the weather is warmer and we can go outside!  Don't get me wrong I am still looking for a job, but trying my hardest to get my Mary Kay business up and going so that I can stay home with him permanently!  Thank you to all of my friends that have been a HUGE support and have let me bug them to no end about having a party or facial them!  :o) 
  • Kellen is still saying "mama" and "dada" and that is about it!  He jabers a lot these days and we keep waiting for some words to come out, but so far just a bunch of jibberish!  Kellen had started making sounds though...everything has a sound...the car he is pushing a long, the dolphin swimming in the bath and pretty much everything that he touches.  It is all the same sound and almost sounds like he is "mooing", but is is SO cute!  
  • He can still wear a few 12 months, but not many and is now in 18 months!  He is wearing a size 4 shoe and a size 4 diaper!  Can anybody take a guess at what he will be wearing at summer time, because I would love to start buying him clothes, but I have no idea what to buy.  Do kids slow down at this age, because he was in 12 months for a long, long time???  I am so clueless!  
  • As far as toys, he loves balls....he loves to throw them and chase after them and throw them again!  he loves his new wagon from Grandma Dee...we have been able to go out in it a few times since the weather has been a little crazy!  Most toys are still just being chewed on since he his teething and drooling on EVERYTHING!!!!   He LOVES music...it does not matter where we are if he hears music he starts dancing!  I know Matt is not so into it, but I can't wait to put Kellen in a dance class!  :o)  Of course I have been told that it has to be hip hop or something cool and nothing like ballet! :o)
Dear Mr Kellen ~

Mommy and Daddy love you so much and can't believe that you are 1 year old already.  They day you were born you changed our lives and hearts forever!  We can't imagine what our lives would be like without you!  We are loving to watch you grow and change each day!   Your smile and giggle can lift even the gloomiest mood!  :o)  We love to watch you dance to music bob your little head!  We love to watch you as you explore something new!  :o)  What can I say...we love you so much!!!

Love Mommy & Daddy! 

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  1. Kellens bday party was perfect. He is such a handsome boy. Love all the pics that Ashly got they are wonderful. Hope the MK business is picking up...praying for you!


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