Fall Fun!

Time seems to be running away from me!  I can't believe that it is the week of Thanksgiving!  :o)  My sister and her boyfriend are coming and I am SO excited for them to meet Kellen for the first time!  I only wish they could stay longer!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here are some pictures from the activities that we have done over October and November...

Cagles Dairy Farm  10/23/10~
We had so much fun.  Kellen loves being outside.  We went with Nana (formally known as Grandma Dee), Uncle Andy and Cousin Ansley, Charles and Deanna, and Sarah, Glenn, and Gabriella.  We got a ton of pictures, but due to unfortunate accident with the camera we lost all of our pictures, but lucky for us there were 4 other cameras there and they caught some very cute pictures of Kellen!

Woodstock KidFest 10/30/10~
Downtown Woodstock held a festival full of vendors and fun games for kids.  We had a blast and got a ton of cute pictures.  Grandma Keeta, Uncle Andy, Cousin Ansley and the Goodwald family joined us.  After walking around for a bit we tried Canyon Burger (It is like Five Guys).  We we finished eating we wanted to get some pictures of the kids in their costumes.  Ansley (who just turned 5) who rarely lets us take pictures of her decided she wanted to do a photo session.  Then it became Monkey See Monkey Do...Kellen wanted to do whatever she did!

Trick Or Treating 10/31/10~
We had so much fun Trick or Treating with Kellen this year.  I went to a couple houses with him then stayed behind to hand out candy to the kids.  Nana (formally known as Grandma Dee) and Matt took him around to the rest of the houses on our street.  Kellen still really is not talking, so we taught him "what does a Pirate say"? and he would reply "Argh"   He will also shake his head yes and no if you ask him questions.  So a lady had the cheap colored suckers and ask Kellen if he wanted a Red one...he answered by shaking his head yes.  She said he could have one more and asked if he wanted a yellow on...he shook his head no...she asked, "a green one"? He shook his head no...so she asked "another red one"? He shook his head yes!  Nana said it was so cute!  Kellen really doesn't know what candy is so he enjoyed sorting it!  :o)

My Birthday 11/10/10~
I was so spoiled by everyone around me!  About 10 of us ended up at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Bravos.  It was a blast...thanks for everyone that was there!  Then on Sat night I enjoyed a night out with the girls!  It was SO much fun!  :o)

Cousin Ansley's Birthday 11/13/10~
Cousin Ansley turns 5!  It was a very girly party with the girls dressing up in princess dresses and having their nails painted and makeup done!

So I think that brings up to date of everything we have been up to!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Kiss that handsome boy for me....Kellen that is not Matt!! He is handsome too but I only have kisses for sweet K!!!!

  2. Those are some awesome pictures!


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