The Kindness of a Stranger...

I cannot say thank you enough for a huge blessing that I received earlier this week.  One of the biggest things that I think I took for granted while I was working was insurance.  I never once worried about anything, because if I was sick or something hurt I would call my Dr and make an appointment.  Well once my Cobra ended I just couldn't afford it with Matt and I both not working so we got Kellen on Peachcare for Kids (a GA program that offers insurance for free for kids under 3).  Matt and I figured we would chance it until Matt started working again.  I won't bore you with the details but I don't have any insurance yet!  Last Saturday I just so happened to slip on the stairs and do something to my foot.  I wasn't sure what I did or how I did it, all I knew what it hurt and it was every color of black, blue, green, and purple and my big toe was about 4 times the size of normal.

I didn't have too much time to think about it because our good friends Deanna and Charles were getting married and I was helping with some of the details.  I taped it and iced it and headed to the Rehearsal.  On Sunday I was up-and-at-it and getting ready to head to Deanna's to help with any last minute details, and then we were off to the church to set up and get ready to marry Deanna off!  I took Advil, taped my toes together and put on some sexy, strappy high-heals and refused to let my foot slow me down.

By the time Monday came around the my toe looked horrible and I could barely make my way around the house, but I had several errands to run....like the grocery store.  I was in so much pain, but I knew that I had to get through it...my biggest concern was Kellen running away from me in the parking lot and not being able to chase him.  Monday afternoon, my mom had an appointment with her podiatrist and gave him a description of my toe and he really didn't like the sound of it.  So he told her to have me call and make an appointment.  He said he would like to get some x-rays and that it would be a minimal charge and that he would work with me since I have no insurance.  Well I rolled my eyes and said "minimal charge, yeah right" and went about my business.

Well Monday night Matt kicked me square on my toe (In his defense he was sleeping and didn't mean too)!  So on Tuesday the pain was getting to the point I could not tolerate it any longer.   So, I talked to Matt and he told me to call the Dr and see what he had to say.  I called and they said it would be $150 for the appointment and they would let me make payments.  So we set an appointment for Wednesday morning.

Nana watched Kellen for me and I headed to the Dr.  They took some x-rays and, sure enough, I broke my big toe all the way across, but it was not displaced and their doesn't seem to be any damage to the cartilage.  So the good news was that no surgery is needed....bad news is that he said it would hurt for awhile since there is not a lot they could do.  So he wrapped it in Green tape(to be festive) for the swelling and told me I would have to wear a boot for 4 weeks.  He did say it seems like a bit of overkill, but he is worried I would injure it further by trying to walk on it.  As the nurse was showing me how to put it on, the Dr came back in the room and said "Oh yeah I forgot you don't have insurance...that boot is really expensive, lets put you in a walking shoe...just be careful"!  The nurse then went to the Dr because they just so happened to have a "gently used" boot (It was worn for a day and then returned) and asked if that would be okay to send me home in.  The Dr said as long as it was my size that would work and there would be no charge for that!  It just happened to be my size!  The next surprise came when I was checking out.  The total...$75.00....Not $150.  I was super excited.  This was something I could pay and be done...no more payments.

So Thank you Dr. McGlamery!  I am sure he will never know what a blessing he was in my life, but it is nice to know that there are still people out there like him that his one small act of kindness lifted a whole ton of weight of my shoulders!

So now I am wearing this ugly boot and it is my friend for the next 4 weeks.  And yes I have learned my lesson....I wasn't wearing it this morning and tripped over my toe and cause myself so much pain!  The only difficult thing is it is my right foot so driving is to be kept at a minimum because I can't drive with my boot!

Oh well!  Just wanted to share my blessing!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. God is good all the time...all the time God is good!! Love ya!!


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