Catch Up! (Includes Kellen turning 19 months)


For a while now I have been looking for words to blog, but they don't seem to be coming, but TIME is running away and I know if I don't blog I will probably forget everything that is going on!  :o)  To be totally honest I just didn't really feel like blogging anything.  Matt has often said that blogger's tend to make everything sound so perfect and don't really blog about the hard times.  Maybe that is what it is.  Maybe I am in denial about our "hard times" or maybe it is just that I don't really want to think about them.  I am trying really hard not to focus on the things that we don't have, but the things that we do have.  So here is my attempt of reminding myself of what we do have...because we have an awesome little boy that can light up your whole day with one look.  We have some amazing friends and family that have blessed us beyond belief!  Here is what we have been up to in the last month...

Little Miss Sarah Scott's Birthday ~

We had the honor of celebrating Lil Miss SS's 2nd birthday with her!  It was so much fun!!!  We just wish that the Whitfield Family lived closer (Because we would so LOVE to hang out more often)!!!  It is so cute to see Sarah Scott and Kellen play together!  Of course I got to love on Hampton...He is SO cute...I could just eat him up!  After some coaxing we got Kellen to get into the jumpy house!  He had so much fun!  After the party we headed to the Whitfield house and watched SS open her gifts and then headed to dinner..It was interesting with 3 kids...I got a picture of what it would be like with more than one!  :o)  SS and Kellen kept us busy while Hampton hung out!  Then it was back to the house and Deborah Anne and I played makeup!  It was a great day!  (Thanks for everything Whitfield's)

Life ~
I finished up my Beth Moore bible study and found another one to start.  I am now doing "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World".  It is a lot different than my last one, but very good  all the same!  For a while now I have been telling Matt that I would like to find a Church to attend.  Of course Matt and I couldn't agree on what type...he wanted a traditional one, I wanted a more contemporary one.  So of course I found as many with contemporary services as I could and we started trying them.  Over the last couple of years we have tried several, but nothing that Matt enjoyed or didn't walk out and have "something" to say about it!  So in August I got a magazine that is called "Around Woodstock" and it had an article in it about City On A Hill.  The sermon series was "Issues with the Bible" and it sounded like something that would be awesome for Matt.  They are more contemporary, with a coffee house style setting, a band, and no dress code.  Matt walked out and his comment was "something spoke to me"!  I was so excited!  The band is not the greatest, but they play traditional hymns and contemporary songs.   So we decided (or Matt agreed) we would finish out the series (which was 2 more weeks).  The next week we were all sick and Matt and I were confined to the couches!  But we made the last one and we have continued to go.  The new series is "One Life: Are You Happy with Yours"  We have been welcomed with open arms and it has been wonderful.  It was like we found home!  I am starting a 32 week Bible study this Friday. I am so excited...by the end of it I will have gone through about 70% of the bible.  I am excited to hang with other mom's and hopefully as soon as we figure out childcare Kellen will get to be with other kids!

                                  Where Is Kellen???                                   BOO!

Little Miss Macy B's Birthday ~

We helped Macy B celebrate her 1st birthday!  It was so much fun!  Ashly set up the cutest little pool party in their back yard!  Kellen had a blast!  When we got home he slept for a little over 3 hours!  Kellen had so much fun collecting all the beach balls and putting them in the baby pool and then trying to get in when there wasn't any room left!  Haha!  Thanks Ashly for all the fun!

Kellen turned 19 Months ~

I can't believe it!  I really don't have a baby anymore.  He is changing so much!  He really is imitating us in all we do!  It SO cute!  He really is the reason I keep getting out of bed in the morning!  :o)  Our schedule is pretty much the same as far as naps, eating, and all the fun things we do.  I think I talked about it in the last post, so this might be a repeat...At Kellen's 18 month check up we talked to his pediatrician about the lack of Kellen's talking.  She told us that she was not to worried about it, because he is advanced physically so his brain has probably been spending most of its time developing that.  But she gave us the number of a free GA program called Babies Can't Wait to get him evaluated to see if there really was a speech delay.  Because it is a government program there is a lot to go through.  We first had to meet with a person from Childrens 1st to see if Kellen was a candidate for Babies Can't wait.  So we went to the appointment and filled out paperwork and then she got to work testing him.  She had us look through a book and point out things and ask him what it was and also ask him where something was and see if he would point it out.  She was looking to see if Kellen would even try to talk, but he didn't.  She ask him simple commands, like give the ball to dad (of course he would not give up the ball) and close the door (he did do this).  She also tested him on a few other things, but in the end she felt like he does have a delay and we get to move on the the next step! So This week we have a parent evaluation.  Then Kellen will have to back and get tested again with 3 therapists in the room!  But on a positive note he has added "Ba" for ball to his vocabulary!

So that is what we have been up to!  We are so ready for fall and I am already looking forward to planning the holiday festivities!


  1. Thanks for the shout out...we were sooo happy yall made it for the party! Dinner was a little CRAZY but hey thats life at dinner with us!!!! I am so excited that yall are connecting with a church. You really encourage me to get involved with a bible study...something I need to do! We will be praying for K and keep us updated on the speech and the appt's. Love you girl!

  2. Thanks for coming to Macy B's birthday! I'm so glad Kellen had a great time:) Thanks for the update, and I love the last picture-so cute!


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