Good-Bye Baby...Hello Growing Boy!!!

Before I get into all of Kellen's adventures over the past few weeks I thought I would tell everyone a little about my new job. I am working for a pharmaceutical marketing company...they do a lot of the animations that you see about how a drug works in your body. Other than that I can't tell you much about the creative side. I am on the admin side of the company and am working in the accounts payable department. Everyone is really nice and I am so busy that my days fly by. It is a temporary job for now, but it might turn into something permanent.

For the summer Jerilyn is keeping Kellen while we are at work. Grandma Marquitta will be here next weekend to keep Kellen for a week! It was very easy for me to go back to work knowing that Kellen is loved, happy, and safe with people that I know. Check back with me in August when Kellen starts at daycare. We are so lucky that Kellen gets a little more time at home. Maybe this will help with his immune system and he won't be sick all the time at daycare. :) I doubt it, but here is to hoping! :)

I surprised myself on my first day and did not cry at all...I just keep telling myself every morning to go to work, keep busy and then I get to come home to my little man...so far it is working. Now I have not had a slow day since I have started which I guess is a good thing. :) Other wise I would probably sit and think about wanting to be home with my baby! :)

Enough about me...Now onto the pictures and all of Kellen's new adventures!!!

Kellen's 1st Solid Meal (well sort of solid)!

"Really the Camera again?"

Kellen loves his cereal! From the first spoonful! :) He is like a little bird when he eats...it was so much fun to watch him watch me and the spoon and try to figure out how it all works, but after two days he was a pro! This picture is really his second try at cereal...I was so bummed to find both our camera batteries dead while I was feeding him on his first try!

"I gotta wipe my face!" :)

Kellen's 1st Hair cut! :)

Kellen had lost a lot of his hair and it was looking a little on the scraggly side, SO I decided it was time for a hair cut. Before we did anything we decided to have some fun, so we gave him a mohawk...he really didn't have enough hair, maybe next summer. So for summer we though we would give him a buzz cut! :)

He did pretty good, of course I am not a hairstylist, so there are some long pieces still there...I have been getting out the scissors every time I see a long hair! BUT I think it turned out cute. Grandma Dee says it just doesn't look like Kellen. I was a little in awe that all of his new hair coming in is leaning towards the blonde side. If you can believe Matt was a blonde when he was younger! :)

"All Done...I am ready for summer!"

Kellen's 1st Vegetable!

Kellen has tried Sweet Potatoes and Carrots. I have to say that he does not like the carrots nearly as much as the Sweet Potatoes. :) I do have to say that a lot of ends up on me and the bib! :)

Kellen's 1st time at the Pool!!!

Kellen was a little unsure of the water...but who wouldn't be, it was so cold. It felt really good since it was SO HOT!!! We got him a little floaty, but he would not go in....maybe next time!

This is us after the pool! It was a lot of excitement for the day! As you can tell I got a little too much sun! I don't think I have ever burned so badly. I was so worried about Kellen and the sun and Matt making sure that he had sunscreen on that I never got around to myself! I don't think that I will ever forget again! :)

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  1. He is sooo precious and I do have to say I think he looks like you..what do you think?


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