Thank you Family and Friends!

Finally I am getting around to blogging about our Baby Shower. It was so much fun and we enjoyed every minute of it! The weather was wonderful and everything was decorated super cute. My friend Jennifer made the cutest animal cupcakes and balloons. Jerilyn, Ms. Cobb, and my mom made some yummy food...I ate till I was literally sick! :) Our friends Scott and Deborah Anne made a trip from Augusta with their new addition to the family, Sarah Scott. She is the cutest little angel you ever did see, I think my mom could have held her all day! Matt's mom, Marquitta, was able to be here from Colorado and share this exciting time with us. We got a very cool frame from Denny and Ashly that we can put pictures of Kellen as he grows each month. Andy and Crystal spoiled us and Kellen rotten with a very cool monogrammed diaper bag filled with all sorts of goodies. Jenn and Charles gave us a diaper genie...they thought it would come in handy since this baby is part Matt! :) Chris and Jenn gave us a monitor and Matt has had a lot of fun playing with it. When my mom came over, he turned it on and went upstairs and started crying like a baby, my mom looked at me as I died laughing and asked, "what is that?Even family from Indiana that couldn't be there sent a jump-a-roo! And that is just to name a few...on Sunday with all the gifts put in piles on the Dining Room table, I looked at Matt and told him that we are very blessed to have such a supportive family and such wonderful friends. My sister gave us our car seat and a box of diapers. His room as now been filled with baby stuff galore. We got our glider in that we ordered and it fits perfectly. The painting is almost done and the only thing missing now it Baby Kellen! We are so excited, we can hardly wait, but know that now is the time where he is growing like a weed and preparing for life outside my tummy! Let me just say thank you again to all of you! Matt and I are very lucky to have each and everyone of you!

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