Still growing!

We had such a busy week last week and I have so much to say that I am going to split it up over the next couple of days. Last Tuesday we had another ultrasound. At 27 weeks, Kellen is weighing in at 2 lbs 10 ounces. The Dr says if he continues to grow at this rate he will weigh 8 to 9 lbs at birth. He was moving a lot during this ultrasound so we did not get as good as pictures as normal, but the top left picture is a profile of his face with him sticking his hand in his mouth. The bottom left picture is a little bit clearer profile of his face. The two right pictures are of his face, looking towards you! The Dr looked over everything with us and let us know that Kellen's kidneys are a little larger than last time, meaning they have filled a little more with fluid. He said there is still nothing to be concerned with, but they are continuing to monitor them closely. Other than that Kellen is looking good! On Wednesday I went to by normal Dr's appointment and this time I had a list of questions that I wanted to get some answers to. I had to take another glucose test at this visit so I drank a fruit punch flavored drink that could make anyone sick and then had to wait an hour for them to draw my blood. Hopefully all will come back okay on that! As for my questions...I asked the one question that I have continuously received from everyone around me...Why are we getting so many ultrasounds? The answer...It is because they are monitoring Kellen's kidneys. There are a couple things that anytime there is anything irregular about them they will monitor a mother very closely. One of them happens to be the kidneys. I learned that the kidneys are connected to the amniotic fluid, so the Dr's are watching his kidneys and also the fluid around him to make sure that everything is functioning correctly! Who knew! There are so many things that you just don't think about before you have a baby. I also finally found out that the test I took to determine if I was a carrier for cystic fibrosis came back negative. So all seems well and normal!

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