29 weeks down 11 (or so) to go!!!

There has been so much going on and so much to tell! I still have not blogged about our shower that was almost two weeks ago, but I am waiting on pictures from friends so I will get them posted soon! On Sat we had another Hypnobirthing class. It has been so nice to learn about relaxation not only for Kellen's birth, but for my everyday life. Even with the few things that I have learned so far I am able to let go and relax. We did a little bit of yoga and lots more practicing on finding that deep relaxation that I will need for my birth. After class we headed over to the hospital to do a tour. It feels good to now know where we will be going and how things will go once I go into labor. I know that we cannot predict how the birth will go, but I now know what to do when it is time to go to the hospital. The hospital is very family oriented and the baby will never leave our room, unless there is an extreme emergency and also some pediatricians like to do their examination in the nursery. Other than that Kellen is with us the whole time. The Nurse also told us that the NICU is mommy and baby, so Kellen will never really be away from us even if he has to be in ICU (not that I think he will, but it is nice to know that they are very family oriented). I went to the Dr's today for a checkup and everything looks good. His heartbeat is strong and all my vitals are good too! Last night I was staring at my belly and Matt asked me what I was doing....I told him to watch. You can see Kellen moving around it is the strangest, but coolest thing I have ever seen! He has even woke me up on an occasion or two with all his kicking and moving! We are growing more excited by the day for his arrival! We can't wait for all of you to meet him!

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