How We Found Out!

I have been meaning to add this for awhile, but time seems to be slipping away. Some of you know the story, but the is the story from the weekend leading up to and the night we found out. On May 23rd, I had a feeling that I may not be getting my anticipated period. So on my way home from work I picked up a few tests. They came out negative, but I could not shake the feeling that I was pregnant. At 1 am I had a craving for JalapeƱo chips , so I asked Matt to get me some until he finally gave in and drove to Walmart. He bought some chips and an orange Fanta. The check out lady kind of looked at him funny and he said, "My wife is pregnant!" Funny thing is that at this point Matt had no idea that I even thought I was. I got a good giggle out of it when he got home. Finally on May 27th I decided to take another test. This time I got a digital one. Well as you can see it clearly said "pregnant!!!" Even though I thought that I might be the shock of it actually saying pregnant was overwhelming. At this point I was wishing I would have waited for Matt to get home before I took it. I waited for TWO hours before he finally got home from the gym. He called and ask if I took it already and I said, "yes." I wanted him to see with his own eyes that it was positive. So I wouldn't tell him over the phone. When he got home and saw, he just smiled nonstop. For the rest of the night we just keep looking at each other and saying "we are having a baby." Nothing much has changed we still look at each other and say "we are having a baby!"

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