We are having a BABY!!!

Matt and I found out about 3 weeks ago that we are going to be adding to our family! It was tough deciding who to tell and who to wait to tell, in the end we have slowly been telling everyone! We decided to create this blog so we can share pictures and other fun moments that will be happening! It is much easier that way, instead of the 30 million phone calls! :) We are 7 weeks and 2 days as of today (we are due February 3rd). Today we went to the Dr to have an ultrasound and hear the heart beat! It was amazing. I think the baby looks more like a seahorse than anything! Matt is super excited about it and even has started to gain some opportunity weight as he calls it. I am a little tired these days and tend to be really picky about what kind of food sits well with me! I'll take a little bit of nausea over actually getting sick...so far I consider myself lucky! I am still working out with my personal trainer twice a week and dragging myself to the gym a couple other days! Of course this has not slowed us down a bit as we stay busy with friends and family. When I told my mom she asked if she was going to be a grandma to a real baby or another CAT!!! She has already decided she will be called "Grandma D"!!! It has been a blessing having her here with me to share all of this! Below is the first picture of Baby Porty (as of 7 weeks)!!!

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