Baby Portman is Growing!

Yesterday Matt and I went and had another ultrasound done. It is so amazing to see how much the baby is growing. We got to hear the heartbeat. The tech tried to get the baby to wake up and move for us, but I guess he/she just wanted to sleep. They said the baby is growing as it should and looks good. When the Dr met Matt he said "Let's hope the baby does not come out at his size!" Well let's hope not! :) The Dr was a very odd man, but nice all the same. He went over all the pictures from the ultrasound and showed us different things in each picture. He said it is to early to see the gender, but at the next one we should be able to find out. And yes we want to know!!! We will find out on September 2nd...so we will be taking bets before then! :) Matt's family already have there guesses that it is a boy! Either way we will be happy! Today I went to my regular OB for a checkup. We talked about the results from the last set of blood tests. We then talked about upcoming tests that were options and also some that would need to be done. We have decided to take both the optional tests for Cystic Fibrosis and Downs. Not really to do anything about it if they come back that we are at risk, but to be a better prepared parents for our baby. I also have a Glucose test coming up, the Dr's have decided because of my weight it would be better to check for diabetes twice through out my pregnancy. So I will be taking one at the next visit and one around 28 weeks. I guess it is better to be safe than sorry! We also listened to the heart beat...the midwife said I must have a very busy baby since the heart rate was in the 150's.

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