Second Trimester Already???

I am just not very good at this blogging thing yet. I have good intentions of updating it weekly just to let everyone know how it is going, but before I know it two weeks will slip by. I can't believe how fast time seems to be going. I am officially in the second trimester and very close to half way there. As of today I am 16 weeks, that hardly seems possible as we just found out what seems like yesterday! :) I am feeling good these days. I am not nearly as tired as I was in the first trimester and seem to only get a sick feeling when I let myself get too hungry! I think I may have perfected the art of snacking 6 times a day! It looks like I am taking the whole fridge with me to work these days. I am still working out with my trainer, but only have a few more sessions to go. Then I will really have to find some motivation to make myself go!

Matt and I have almost got the office cleaned out...we have one more pile of stuff to find a new home for. Then there is the furniture to decide what we want to do with. I thought we would never be able to clean out that room as I have used it as a place to put everything that didn't have a home! :) Last weekend we started looking at baby furniture. We have three that we like so far and one more place that we would like to go look. Then I am sure that it will come down to price when we make the final decision. All of the cribs that we have looked at will convert into a full size bed, so it will be able to keep growing with our little Bean!

We have also narrowed down our list of names to 1 girl name and 1 boy name. I was a little worried about that since Matt and I could not agree on anything. We started out with 4 boys names and 5 girls names and then slowly one by one marked the ones that we didn't like off the list. It was easy once we started telling people and getting reactions to the names. One of our girls names just happened to be a name of a women that murdered her husband...that one came off the list right away! So as of right now the boys name we have is Kellen Russell and our girls name is Keira Ashleigh. Unless something else comes along that we fall in love with...these are our names. We looked through 60,000 names, so I think we are pretty sure this is what the names will stay.

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