Take Me Out To the Ball Game...

I officially feel like we live at the Baseball Park!  Matt says I ain't seen nothing yet!!!  We thought that Kellen had one more season of T-ball, but we were wrong.  He moved up to machine pitch...he gets 4 tries andif you can't hit it then 1 try on the Tee.  There are outs this time around, but still no score is kept!  He had to go through a skills test as the coaches watched to see what league and what team he would be on.  I have to say that Matt was not very thrilled about the fact it was raining when Kellen had to go and they did not cancel it until Matt had been waiting for Kellen's turn for an hour or so and then they called it, but said anyone currently in line could finish!  Kellen (well Matt, because he volunteered to me an assistant coach ) ended up being drafted to the Toledo MudHens!  Coach Jason is great with the kiddos and Kellen enjoys hanging with boys on his team!

It is a little crazy though...they have 2 games a week (for the most part) and 2 practices a week!  I have to say I am lucky in the fact that since Matt is helping with the coaching he takes Kellen to practice and Quinn and I will stay at home!  Quinn and I enjoy watching Kellen during the games though!

I think Kellen enjoys it!  He has a hard time focusing the whole time and it is normal to hear Coach Jason yelling "Kellen watch the Ball"  "Kellen Baseball Ready"  "Kellen where is the batter"  He enjoys playing, but I really think he could take it or leave it.  Some of the boys eat, sleep, and breathe baseball!  Kellen just seems to be in is own world!  He has got several hits off the machine and made some great plays!  He got the game ball for a great hit off the machine.

Here are a few pictures from the season so far!

Doesn't it like she is yelling "RUN KELLEN RUN"!!!

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