9 Whole Months!!!

Oh my sweet, funny girl!  You are a mover and a shaker that is for sure!  You have some wild and crazy hair and it fits you to a T!!!  Here is what Quinn has been up too...

Quinn vs Kellen at 9 months!!!

  • She is pretty much in 12 month clothing with a few 9 months thrown in as long as they are not a one piece.  She is even wearing some 18 months...SLOW down Quinn!  At her 9 month check up she was weighing in at 22.7 lbs and is 29.5 inches tall.  The Dr said she is perfect!  I know that, but it is always nice to hear it from a professional!  Ha!  Her feet hit another growth spurt and she is now wearing size 3 shoes.  I had to restrain myself and only buy 2 pairs, but I am still on the look out for a cute pair of boots and sneakers.  Oh her hair...I love it, but it does have a mind of its own.  It pretty much looks like she just woke up with bed head about 95% of the day.  I have really just taken to the practice of sticking a clip in it and readjusting it a million times!  :o)

  • I have changed up her feeding schedule a little this month.  She is getting 4-6 oz bottles and three meals a day with some snacks.  She is pretty much eating all table food with just a little bit of jarred food in the mix.  She wanted whatever was on my plate so we went for it!  She is doing pretty good and really has not, not liked anything.  She is getting better with a sippy although she really likes to drink out of a glass...I may have to think about skipping the sippy all together.

  • She is crawling like a crazy women.  She is pulling up and starting to walk with a walker and along furniture & cabinets.  Little Miss Q is starting to stand on her own.  She also has started to push our kitchen chairs like a walker!  I don't think it will be long!  She loves the bath and splashing in the water.  I think she would live in the bath if I would let her.  She is really starting to talk.  I mean she jabbers ALL day long.  She is such a girl!  :o) She is saying mama, dada
    and baba.  Along with a whole lot of other words that sound a little like she is speaking Chinese!  She is such a good baby...she loves to sit and play, but also she loves to be on the go!  She HATES the car seat.  We switched her to a bigger car seat (still rear facing), but it is worse than her infant seat!  I can't wait till we turn her around and I am hoping that she will enjoy the car a little bit better.  She LOVES electrical outlets.  Kellen never touched them, but She loves anything.  I think she is going to be a hands on girl...she loves textures and touching everything.
  • She is still a little uncertain about new people, but as soon as she warms up and can come to you on her terms then all is good!  She is getting a little better about going to Wumba land.  I think she has realized she can get some snack while she is there!  ha!  
  • This month has been a little difficult with the night sleeping.  We keep thinking that some teeth are going to poke through and that is attributing to her nights, but so far nothing!  She is still taking 2 naps at 10 and 2.  She is getting really good at going with the flow with Kellen's baseball schedule.  His games seem to hit right at nap time!  :o)  we still head up stairs around 6:30ish for bath time and then we have some snuggle time with a bottle and she is off to bed.  She usually goes down around 7ish.
  • Still just 2 bottom teeth!  Those top teeth don't seem to want to come through.  She is chewing on everything and anything!  The amount of drool that comes out of her is ridiculous!  We have all been drool bombed! :o)
  • We are still doing music class and it is amazing to see how much Quinn is growing in the class.  She is starting to actually shake the instruments instead of just chew on them.  She is warming up and crawling around the class to visit with everyone.  She is starting to clap all the time and it is SO cute!  You can tell that we say "Yay" and clap a lot in our house"!!!
  • Kellen and Quinn are two peas in a pod.  One day Quinn crawled over to Kellen (who was laying on the floor) and gave him a kiss, it was SO cute and sweet...then she smacked him in the face!  I'm going to say that is the definition of brother/sister love!  Then one day in carpool line Kellen says to me....Mommy I love you, but I love Quinn the most.  I almost cried!  Not because he loves Quinn more than his mommy, but because of how rough of start when she was born, with Kellen not feeling special and feeling like he was replaced by this new baby shows up in his life and now she is the person he loves the most in the world! 

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