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I feel so bad that I have not documented Quinn's pregnancy as I did with Kellen!  I have done one thing that I regretted not doing with Kellen and that is getting maternity pictures taken.  With Kellen I did not want any pictures taken and afterwards I felt really disappointed that I let my insecurities get the best of me!  I know that I don't feel beautiful when I am pregnant, but it is pretty neat to document that moment in our lives!

Here are a few updates from the last few appointments...

November 5th ~

In hindsight this is when some of the craziness started with my Dr's office!  It was a normal appointment where I went in and they checked all the normal things.  I was 32 weeks and measured in at 35 weeks so we discussed her size and the probability that she will be just as big as Kellen!  At the end of the appointment I was told that the office would be merging with another Dr's office over the week of Thanksgiving.  I was not able to set another appointment due to my appointment falling in the week that they were merging so I would be called at a later date!  I left with an uneasy feeling because I am such a planner and I like to know the next step! :o) But I figured I would be called with in the next week and all would be fine!  WELL....

I never heard from anyone so I called them late the next week knowing Kellen was out of school during Thanksgiving week and if I was going to have an appointment I needed to find someone to watch him!  I was told they were not taking any appointments and my Dr was not even in the office any more during the merger.  And I would probably not hear from anyone until the week of November 26th!  WHAT???  You mean I am just skipping an appointment and you are not sure when I will be seen next!  After that phone call I was so upset about being unsure about everything!  I called my mom and asked if I would be totally crazy if I wanted to change Drs at 34 weeks???  We decided that I was overreacting a little bit, but did have the right to be a little unsure about what is going on!  The next day I got a phone call saying the merger was delayed and I would be seen on the 19th (the day I should have been seen), but it would be by the midwife and not my Dr.  The only experience I have with the Midwife was early in my pregnancy when she walked in and said "So you're interested in a water birth" and me looking at her with a crazy look on my face and saying "umm NO"!!!  She walked out and I was seen by my Dr!  But at this point I was like whatever...I just wanted to check and be able to hear her heart beat!  

November 19th ~

I was able to drop Kellen off with a very good friend to watch him and told her it should take too long...WELL I was wrong.  I walked into the Drs office and it was packed full!  I was there for 2 hours just to have a 5 minute check!  Ugh!  I hate waiting!  It was pure craziness!  There was one person working the desk and the back and then just the midwife (who happens to be a talker)!!!  But all in all everything looked fine.  Quinn's heartbeat sounded great!  The midwife did tell me about a lot of women that have given birth to 10 lb+ babies naturally!  I felt a little ambushed, but just listened to her and smiled and nodded.  I understand that a c-section is MAJOR surgery  but Matt and I decided a long time ago that we are more worried about the baby and my health than trying to push out a BIG baby!  One of my biggest fears of going natural is pushing for hours only to be told that I can't do it and end up in a c-section anyways!  The midwife said the merger was being delayed till after the New Year due to the differences in the practices and how they do record keeping!  The new practice does everything in the computer and my Dr still hand writes everything in our records.  So they said it was going to be a bigger challenge than they thought!  So the plan was to wait till after the New Year and then merge!  Sounded good to me...that way I would have had my baby and be done!  I was also told that at the next Appointment I would be scheduling the c-section!  I have been asking to do this since Late summer due to the fact we have family coming in and scheduling Christmas & someone to be with Kellen!  :o)

November 28th~

Time for another ultrasound...we were so excited to be able to see her again!  AND see how BIG she is getting!  With Kellen he didn't move a lot during the ultrasounds so with Quinn I started drinking some caffeine before hand to make sure she is moving!    WELL....once we got in there the tech kept going back to her heart and looking at it...after about the 4th time I started to get a little nervous.  She did all the measurements to see how big she is and it looked like she was about 7 lbs 1 oz...yes that would be the size of most normal babies at birth and I was only 35 weeks!  They also said that was an underestimate, because her belly was a little on the bigger side!  She didn't get any really good pictures because she had her face buried in the placenta, but I put the one she did get below!  She finally said that she wanted to talk to the Dr because Quinn's heart rate was a little high!  So the Dr came in and took a look at it.  The first time the ultrasound tech looked at it is was in the 190's, but then had come back now to the 150's the other times.  The Dr decided she would like to monitor me for the next 20-30 minutes so she could get a better picture of her heart rate.  So I was hooked up to be monitored.  The nurse was super nice and we got to listen to Quinn's heart beat for about 30 minutes.  In the beginning it was all over the place and was getting up to the 180's and then would go back down.  The Dr came in at one point and asked, "Did you smoke ore drink caffeine before you got here"?  I said "I had a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte" (which has below the daily suggested amount of caffeine).  After about 30 minutes Quinn settled down and her heart rate went back to normal!  The Dr contributed it to my Chai Tea Latte!  :o) But it was nice to listen to her for a while!

December 3rd ~

A day where I was actually excited to go to the Dr since we were supposed to be scheduling Quinn's debut. But it turned out to be just a normal appointment except I got the do the GBS test...for those that know what that is then you know what I am talking about!  It was a short and sweet appointment, but I left super disappointed after being told that we would schedule Quinn's debut at my next appointment!

December 12th ~

A day I would love to rewind and change what happened.  Many people have heard the events of this day, but I thought that I would document it and document it after I had some time to process everything!  It was supposed to be THE DAY that we finally got to schedule Quinn's c-section!  It started off as a normal appointment with checking all the fun stuff like my weight, my blood pressure and of course peeing in a cup!  Then I was back in the room waiting for the Dr.  She walked in listened to Quinn's heart and measured my belly...the we talked about how big she was getting and that she is going to probably weigh in around 10 lbs as I am measuring in at 42 weeks!  We talked about tying my tubes (which I am not doing...I just can't make that decision of having no more babies...all though if you ask Matt we are DONE)!!!  Then we she looked at me and said, "well we have some good news and some bad news"!  My heart starts racing at this point and every bad thing starts racing through my mind!  She continues, "you are in the home stretch and everything looks great, but we are closing our doors for the time being...my midwife is pregnant and having social issues and I am having some family issues in Louisiana that I need to take care of...would you like me to recommend a Dr or would you like to find your own"???  SAY WHAT???  I was able to mumble out that I would like a recommendation since I had NO idea where to begin!  She asked where I would like to give birth and what was close to us.  I had no problem with not going to North Fulton after our tour and the nurse said that she hoped I would go into early labor and not make it in time for a c-section.  So we settled on Northside...Kellen was born at Northside and we really did like it there.  She recommended her Dr that did both of her c-sections and she said she does a fantastic c-section and a lot of Dr's choose her as their Dr.  So I walked up to the desk and was told to have a seat while I waited for them to copy my chart and give me the Dr's info.  At this point I was trying not to panic.  I am 37 weeks and supposed to be giving birth in a matter of 2 weeks.  I am supposed to be making phone calls after this appointment and telling people when Quinn would be making her way into the world!  But I am not I am literally waiting for them to copy my chart  and I am now on the search for a new Dr!  I just can't wrap my brain around it!  Why???  Why would you do this to someone who is hormonal and about to give birth!  Why???  So the receptionist handed me a packet and looked at me and said "Good Luck"!!!  REALLY!!!  That is what you tell me!  I made it all the way out of the office and called Matt to tell him what was going on and almost made it to my car when I totally melted down!  I hate change....I don't deal well with change...and I am even worse when I don't see that change coming!  I was a total mess.  Matt couldn't talk as he was walking into a meeting.  My mom could only talk for about 5 seconds before she was walking into a meeting and then I made phone calls to about 5 people and got 5 voice mails (I only left one voice mail since I only made it half way through before I became a bumbling mess) so I gave up and cried all the way home before I got a phone call back!  The rest of the afternoon was a whirlwind!  There were so many supportive people that listened to me and offered advice and help with Dr referral's   One of the families at my moms school went above and beyond trying to help me find a Dr.  The nurse at my moms school who also has worked at Northside knew of the Dr that my Dr recommended and said she was SO sweet and that I would love her...so that is who I called.  The receptionist was so nice and had a calming sense about her...she had me laughing by the time I got off the phone with her!  I made appointment for December 20th and that is when I will also schedule my c-section.  Through out the week I have had so many feelings...Anger, being the main one and a lot of nervousness about the unknown.  But now I am pretty much at peace with it, because maybe this was supposed to happen and I am better off with a new Dr even though it happened in the craziest way!  I know that she has to come out and if I end up in an emergency room with someone random delivering Miss Quinn then so be it!  :o)  As long as she gets here safe and sound and I come through it safe and sounds I don't care who it is!

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