I can't believe that November is gone and December seems to be going just as fast!!!  I have to say this has been the fastest pregnancy ever!!!  So I decided that I have to be honest and thinking about how my life is going to change in a matter of 2 1/2 short weeks scares me to death!  I (and I hate to admit it, but Kellen is picking up this trait) am SO afraid of change!  Don't get me wrong I am SO excited about Quinn's arrival and she is the answer to a lot of prayers!  :o)  BUT the idea of how much "change" is coming is enough to totally put me in denial that she actually has to come out of her warm place!  :o)  Our little family has a great routine and I know that will change...I also know that we will find a new routine and I will realize that I am worried about absolutely nothing.  BUT that does not stop the worry & fear of the BIG CHANGE coming!  I think I am more worried about Kellen and his routine being totally turned upside down and having to deal with the repercussions from him and a newborn and recovering from a c-section all at the same time.

I do remember having similar feelings when I had Kellen, but I also remember that they disappeared the minute he was put into my arms!  Everything just came naturally!  So just because I know our life is getting ready to change I decided to document what our days are like so I can remember what life was like before Quinn!!!  Believe me we live a pretty boring life, but this is more for me than anyone else...

On non school days....we don't wake up to an alarm (unless we have something I have to do and actually have to be there at a certain time and all made up), but our alarm is an almost 4 year old little boy that will crawl into bed with us and snuggle!  I treasure this time, because he is in such a good mood and full of "I love you's" and kisses!  How could anyone not love to wake up like that!  :o)

Then it is the normal showering and getting ready!  Getting Kellen dressed these days is like wrangling cattle (and yes I have actually done that so I can truly compare the two things)...The other day, Matt was attempting to get him dressed and Kellen says, "Daddy want to play a game...It is called catch Kellen and get him dressed"?  All being said as he is running in circles (naked) on our bed!!!

Breakfast time in our house consists of Kellen eating and watching cartoons and me eating and catching up on Facebook  pinterst, and the blog world!  We started the very BAD habit of watching TV while he eats a long time ago...it was the only thing that made him stop long enough to sit still and eat and lets just say we have not broke this habit yet.  :o)  I figured once he is older I will start the whole family dinner thing!  :o)

Of course Kellen will usually finish breakfast before me so he gets in some play time...he is really into cars right now and we have rug from Ikea with roads on it that will entertain him for a bit and then he will move onto something else.  We are still working on the whole pick up what you played with before moving on....We are trying really hard to work with him on picking up his own toys and I do have say since he started school he has become a little better, but it is still a fight at home.  Usually our living room looks like a war zone in the first couple hours of the day!

After breakfast we will run errands or I will do things around the house such as the dishes or laundry and such!  These days the house seems to stay in the state of "messy" because I just don't have the energy to keep picking up and do all the daily tasks that need to be done!

We will eat lunch...most of the time it consists of "Peanut butter and Jelly time" as Kellen calls it.  I am really trying to branch out on his eating, but he is just like his daddy and can eat the same thing every day for 365 days a year!  Yuck!  I need variety!  :o)

After lunch we have started having snuggle time on the couch since Kellen decided to give up his naps.  So we will turn on a movie and snuggle in on the couch....These days more than likely I fall asleep on the couch and he will sit there watching TV or playing on my ipad.  He is also really into playing PBS kids on the computer.  We have really struggled with trying to set limits on computer time and other rules!  We are still trying to figure out the whole parenting thing out...since we have a little boy that is trying so hard to turn into a BIG boy!  :o)

Our afternoons really do consist of snuggles, playing and many times a few tickle fights thrown in!  :o)  I love Kellen's laugh and watching him change is just amazing!  He has a wild imagination and has really started to talk to all his toys and tell stories!  Matt gets home around 5 and then Kellen is all about his Daddy and LOVES spending time with him!  Matt has been so great about letting me veg on the couch or get a few other things done while he makes dinner usually with Kellen asking to help!  :o) Then it is Bath time...Kellen really is a daddy's boy and has a hard time when it is my turn to put him to bed.  I guess Daddy is a lot cooler than Mommy!  :o) They will serve imaginary ice cream to each other, pretend dogs, & whatever else that Kellen can imagine!  :o) Then it is lights out and we usually don't hear from Kellen again!  :o) He has been having a few rough nights...about every morning around 4ish he will talk in his sleep...one night he was laughing and said "that's silly"!  Some mornings he cries out in his sleep about monsters!  He has also picked up his snoring like his DAD!!!  :o)

Kellen is still loving school.  He goes Monday, Wednesday, & Friday!  He LOVES it and I love hearing his stories when he comes home!  It is so fun to hear him talk about some of his friends now that he is learning their names!  He really does have the biggest heart and I get notes home saying how he helped out a friend in class or played with a little one that speaks very little English!  :o)  It warms my heart every time I think of how sweet my boy is and how BIG his heart is!  He is learning so many things... especially songs and I love hearing him sing them and with Christmas coming he is learning some great little stories to tell!  It is SO cute!

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