More Fall Fun...

I am not sure where the month of November went (or December for that matter)! I don't think there was one free weekend...between the baby shower, birthday parties, & a big show for Little Boo...Thansgiving was here before I knew it! So here we go...

November 5th ~
We celebrated our dear friend Charles' birthday.

November 6th ~
We celebrated the Rehm's & their bundle of joy.

November 12th ~
Celebrated my nieces 6th birthday & mine!

Smores & Campfire Punch have become a new favorite!  

November 19 & 20 ~
Spray berry high school arts & crafts show

Thanksgiving ~

We had a small Thanksgiving this year with my Mom, Andy (Matt's Borther) and our niece Ansley!  It was really nice to just hang out and relax!  Of course there was a ton of food and we ate too much!  :o)  It was my mom's first pecan pie and it turned out almost perfect according to Matt the official Pecan Pie taster!  :o)

This fall has gone so fast...It is looking like winter is going to go just as fast!

December fun coming soon...

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