Merry Christmas

Where to begin!  So many things have happened in the last month since last posting!  :o)  I will try to just give you the highlights!!! 

12/4/2009 ~
We took a trip with Uncle Andy & Ansley to Home Depot to pick out our Christmas trees!  :o)  We wanted to try something a little different this year and go and cut down our own tree... but then we called and priced it out!  Well lets just say "maybe next year"!!!  So we ended up at Home Depot.  They really do have the best prices! We ended up with the most beautiful tree!  It was the first time Kellen had gloves on...he kept looking at his hand like "where did my fingers go"???  After picking out our trees we headed to Shane's rib shack to have some dinner!  It was YUMMY!!!

12/5/2009 ~
We spent the evening decorating the tree.  It was a very different experience trying to decorate with a small child, so Grandma Dee helped out by hanging out with Kellen!  Here are some fun pictures from the evening...

My "bestest" friend in the world invited to attend a fundraiser that her hairdresser put together for her to help raise money for her wig.  Seven hair dressers of Studio 301 volunteered their time and offered haircuts for women, men and children with all proceeds being donated to Jerilyn..  So Kellen got his first "real" haircut!!!  He was so good...he sat on my lap and let her do her thing!  It was so cute!  Matt, my mom, our good friends, Chris, Sarah, and Glenn got a hair cut too!

Visit to Santa!  Kellen was such a trooper!  Matt had his work holiday lunch and I left work a little early so we could take Kellen to see Santa.  The weather was nasty, but I figured maybe that would work in our favor of keeping the line down a little....so we headed to the mall.  When we arrived we got in line and waited and waited and waited.  Finally, after two hours, we got to see Santa.  Now, you have to realize that when we got in line it was about 5 pm and when we got to Santa it was about 7 pm.  Normally this is Kellen's headed to bed time, but here we were at the mall, in line, waiting for Santa. On top of that, Kellen had not had anything to eat! Grandma Dee was a huge help in taking Kellen to play in the kids area while we waited in line.  When we got to see Santa...Kellen wouldn't smile, but he just sat there and looked and looked at him.  He looks so tired in the picture, but it was so cute.  When Grandma Dee went to go get him, he wanted to stay with Santa!  We then headed to eat!  By the time we were eating it was about an hour after bedtime!  Then we did  some shopping!  Kellen was a trooper.  He never got fussy!

Every year on Christmas Eve we have chili and cornbread and then we open gifts.  This year was so much fun to watch Kellen!  He racked up let me tell you!  We did go a little overboard, but Kellen didn't really have any toys.  So he now has some toys to play with!  He was more interested in pushing things around!  Uncle Andy and Grandma Dee where there to share in all the fun!

We enjoyed a morning of stockings and breakfast with us and Uncle Andy and Grandma Dee! Kellen got some cute socks, a book, a new cd  for bedtime, and a chair from Santa (really Grandma Keeta)!  Soon enough it was nap time for Kellen and pick up time for Mommy and Daddy!  Around noon we headed to Papa and Mimi's house for more gifts and dinner!  We had so much fun with all the cousins together!  We were spoiled this year!  Greg and Sheryl got Matt and I a Wii!!!  Bowling anyone???

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours!
May 2010 bring you many, many blessings!!!


  1. Looks like a fun Christmas! You look so pretty in that grey shirt holding your little man!

    Did you give Andy that gift we talked about?

    Talk to you soon, Can't wait for K's first bday party!

  2. I have been out of the blog loop lately so reading your blog late. It looks like Santa was GREAT to Kellen. I love his chair that was one thing I wanted to get for SS...where did you get it?
    Cant wait to see you and K at his 1st bday!!!!


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