10 Months & Thanksgiving!!!!

Where is the time going!!!  I am running a little behind!!!!  I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I wanted to share a few pictures from our family Thanksgiving!  We had my mom and Andy and Ansley over for dinner!  It stated at 8am with pancakes and then the parade!  Soon we started cooking and of course there ended up being WAY to much food, but boy was it yummy!  Kellen really enjoyed Thanksgiving....I think it is because of the food that was involved!  He is a lover of ALL food!

The Table Waiting for Everyone to Sit Down & Eat!!!

Kellen Ready for More!!!

Kellen and is Pilgrim's hat from daycare!

Ansley Flying High with Daddy!

Then my baby celebrated his 10 month birthday!  I can't believe it....can Kellen really be 10 months and so close to a year old.  Where has the time gone???  Kellen is keeping us VERY busy these days...

He is pulling up on everything, into everything, and LOVES the stairs...if he sees the gate open he gets there as fast as his little legs and arms will get him there!  He is standing on his own and will try and walk with help, but so far no steps on his own without trying to hold on to something! We got him a walk and ride toy and he loves it, but still loves pushing our kitchen chairs!  He is still eating everything, but is becoming a little bit more opinionated in what he is eating.  If he does not want it he WILL NOT EAT IT!!!  Also in the last month Kellen has started to throw little tantrums when he does not get his way...it is hard not to laugh at him as he puts his head down on the floor and cries!  It lasts about 5 seconds and then he moves on!  We are really struggling with the napping!  He will nap twice for us when he is home with us for the day...but at daycare I think that there is too much going on and he will only take a short nap most days.  This makes for a VERY difficult Kellen at night when we get home with him.  I think he has a lot of his mommy in him...tired or hungry....WATCH OUT!!!  He has almost got "blowing kisses" down.  He will stick his hand up to his mouth, but hasn't got the blowing it away yet!  ;o)  He is loving to talk these days, even though it is all jiberish, we are getting a word here and there!  He told his ball bye bye one day and we are trying to work on "ball"!  He loves any kind of ball!  Football, bouncy ball...you name it and Kellen loves it!  He is weighing in at around 26 lbs and is growing like a weed.  We continue to struggle with keeping him healthy and he is now on another round of antibiotic for another ear infection!  But on a positive note we were able to keep it out of his lungs and he did not wheeze!  We did one breathing treatment!  We got a battery operated nasal aspirator and love, love it!  It plays a little song just sucks a bunch of gunk out!  I LOVE IT!!!  At Christmas he will be home for a week and a half, so we are hoping to get him nice and healthy so that we can schedule his surgery first thing in 2010!!!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season!  We have LOVED getting all the cards and seeing everyone's pictures!!!  :o)  I will share pictures from decorating the tree with you all soon!  Merry Merry Christmas! 


PS...Kellen is getting his "first" non mommy haircut this weekend!  I can't wait to post pictures!  

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  1. I cannot believe that Kellen is 26lbs...man he is getting big...he passed SS in weight a long time ago though! Oh...and a battery operated nasal aspirator..I have a booger obsession...cant stand to see them so I am sucking on SS nose all the time...she may appreciate a little music during that...lol I will have to find one of those.
    Merry Christmas!


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