Where is the time going?

I have not figured out where September has went, as October is just around the corner. We continue to slowly get ready for Kellen's arrival. We found a GREAT deal on a 9 piece bedding set on e-bay for $50!!! It arrived a few days later...brand new and still in the package. I was a little bit skeptical of what the quality would be like, but it is super cute and very well made...now all we need to do is paint the walls. The picture is from the website and we got everything you see except the hamper and the diaper changer cover. I will post a picture of Kellens room once we have the walls painted! We found a great deal on a diaper bag so we ordered that and got Kellen's monogram on it! It came this week and it is huge. My mom tells me that it is the perfect size for all of the baby stuff I will soon be carrying around. A couple of my coworkers have got me a few gifts...Melissa gave me some of the cutest onsies. One says, "100% Boy" and the other one says, "I love mommy". She also gave a cute pair of comfy pants to match. I can't wait to see him in them! Matt felt a little left out so I got him a onsie that says, "Daddies MVP". Kathy gave me a bib that I think is too cute to use! It may end up in a shadow box or something, because it would be a shame to mess it up! :) I had a check up this week and all is well. Kellen is growing as he should and his heartbeat is very good. As for me, I am good too! Everything is going really well and time is going very fast. A couple weeks ago Amanda told us that her and Kevin are pregnant again, so Kellen will have a cousin close in age. She is due April 1st, so they will only be a couple months apart. Our family sure is growing! I can't believe that talk has already begun about the holidays. It really does feel like yesterday that we were telling everyone we were pregnant. Before we know it Kellen will be here and we will have lots more pictures to share!!!

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