A Saturday Morning at Babies R Us

With such an exciting week we decided to end it with registering for our baby boy! Who knew that babies need SO much stuff. Matt and I were at Babies R Us first thing Saturday morning to register. We were there for THREE hours....everyone was so helpful. If they saw us standing in an isle staring at all the different things they would kindly ask, "Is this your first?" Then they would suggest a few items that seemed to be popular. Then once we got to the car seats we had no clue what we were doing...So we asked the guy working in the department and he spent 30 minutes talking with us about the different safety ratings on the different seats. Then he let us make our decision on the information he gave us. I think Matt learned his lesson when we registered for our wedding and I never got to hold the scanner once. :) I had done some research before going and had got lots of advice from other new moms, but I don't think anyone can prepare you for registering for a new baby. It was fun picking out different things from bibs to toys, but overwhelming too. I was very concerned about registering for things that we needed , but I wasn't sure if we were getting everything that we needed! I felt better about it once we got home and I could look at it online and see the big picture. Kellen's room is really starting to look like a babies room. We have all the furniture in there and we got the mattress this weekend. We are still looking for a rocking chair, but I think I found one that will fit in the room. I just can't believe how fast time is going and how soon our little boy will be here!
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