16-19 Weeks!

July 14th...16 weeks

I think by now everyone has heard the story of the day we found out we were having a little girl, BUT if I don't document it I will forget it. On July 14th we headed to Stork Vision (a 3D/4D imaging place that I do work with for Little Boo). We were so excited to finally reach 16 weeks and be able to find out the gender of our baby! We had decided to go the Stork Vision so that Kellen could go with us and we also invited Nana (my mom), Grandma Keeta (Matt's mom) and my good friend Sarah.

It took awhile for baby to uncross her legs, but the tech was patient enough and got the perfect shot...

Let me back up just a bit and say that while the tech was looking around and trying to get the perfect shot to know 100% what the sex of the baby was...Matt, Sarah, Marquitta, and my mom and already decided that they knew what the baby was and they had seen it was a BOY!!!  They were whispering among themselves and just knew!  I couldn't see or hear any of them from where I was so I had NO idea what was going on!  I was just enjoying getting to see all the cool things she was showing us...like legs, toes, arms, and so on!  Then all of a sudden the tech said "Here we go...you know what those three white lines mean right"???  None of us knew (with Kellen I never even saw anything to confirm he was a boy...we were just told).  So then she says, "It's a GIRL"!!!  At this point it was silent in the room...no one said a word.  So the tech said..."Is this a good thing"???  At that point I was like, "I am waiting for you to say "Just Kidding, It's a BOY""!!!  I was laughing at this point and crying all at the same time and still speechless!  Marquitta said her jaw dropped and I think Matt was a little in shock due to the fact they just knew they had seen it was a BOY!  

It still has not sunk in totally that we are having a baby...let a lone that it is a girl!  But that afternoon the girls went shopping and had a blast picking out some pink!  By the next weekend we had the room painted and all the puppies are now gone from the wall that was once Kellen's nursery!  He is enjoying his Big Boy bedroom and super excited that his old room is now "baby sister's" room!  

August 1st...18 weeks

We went in for the second half of the testing for all the fun things that they can test for now.  Matt and I look at it as not that we would do anything about it if something came back...but more as we might possibly be more prepared and PLUS we get to see our baby!  :o)  Who can pass up an opportunity to take a peek and see what she is up too???   She is still stubborn as all get out and refuses to move into a position that makes it easy for them to see what they need to, but what they could see everything looks like it should and all my blood work came back good!  It was so neat to see all four chambers of her heart working and listen to it beat away at 147 bpm!  We also got to count all her toes and fingers!  It is SO amazing what they can see!  She is weighing in at 8.5 oz and measuring in at 18 weeks, 3 days (I am 18 weeks, 1 day) so they consider that great!  We have to go back in a couple weeks, because they couldn't see everything they needed to with her heart and because she wouldn't move off the placenta they couldn't see if she has skin covering her spine!   But I don't mind going back again, because that means I get to see her again!  

Hand covering head!  

Side profile!

August 6th...19 weeks

Just a normal appointment!  But I always love to hear her heartbeat!  Everything looks good...my blood pressure is good and all the other things they check out! We talked about a c-section date and then I was on my way!  I was done in 20 min and that is my kinda appointment!  

Her name...

Matt and I have been going back and forth for a long time about her name.  It was between Kendall & Quinn.  I just wasn't in love with Kendall so we finally decided Quinn was the name.  We looked and looked but nothing else fit!  Quinn is another Irish name...we laugh only because neither of us have any Irish decent in our families (that we know of anyways).  The name Quinn means "counsel".  For the middle name we decided to go with a family name!  Kellen's middle name is Russell after Matt's grandfather...so I decided the next child would need to have a name from my side of the family.  I had decided a LONG time again if I ever had a girl that she would be named after my grandmother Luree Annabelle.  So we decided on Quinn Luree!  I think it is a strong name, but beautiful all at the same time!  I just know that is going to be who she is!  

Random Things...

Around 18 weeks I started to feel her every now ans then, but now I feel her little kicks and punches a good bit!  The nausea has totally gone away as long as I eat on time...if I don't then I am reminded with waves of nausea and dizziness!  I really haven't had to many cravings with this baby (or at least compared to Kellen).  I have actually been hungry for fruit and tomatoes with mozzarella cheese!  Every once in a while I will think I am craving spicy food, but am quickly reminded that I shouldn't eat any by the massive heart burn I get to deal with!  I still get tired easy and am reminded daily that I can't keep up like when I am not prego!   I am waiting for the burst of energy that some say comes in the 2nd trimester, but I have a feeling that won't come while chasing a 3 1/2 yr old!  Ha!  

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  1. love the update! I'm so excited for you guys!


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