The Adventures of Mommy & Kellen!

I have sat down several times and tried to blog, but the words were not flowing!  I am going on my second week home with Kellen and I do have to say I think I may be more busy now than when I was working.  Kellen is on "GO" every minute of the day.  He is walking everywhere and even has taken on the stairs a couple of times.  The other day I was feeding him and finished and put him down....I thought he was playing in the Living Room...meanwhile my mom had gone upstairs and neither one of us realized that the gate was open.  I turned for a minute and then heard Kellen on the stairs.  My mom thought I had brought him upstairs, but no he followed Holly up the stairs.  I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!  I guess I am lucky that Daddy lets him go up the stairs and follows closely behind him, so he learned how to go up the stairs.  :o)

It has been really easy falling into a routine as far as Kellen goes.  He gets up around 7ish and then we have breakfast together.  He is definitely my child as this is his favorite meal of the day.  Then we play and play some more.  I love his giggle it is so cute and very contagious.  Around 10 I lay him down for a nap and he will sleep until about 12.  During this time I try and fit in as many things as I can.  Then we have lunch...He has learned if he drops his food off the side of his highchair the kitties will come running and see what goodies he has dropped.  He thinks it is the funnies thing!  After lunch we usually will try and get out of the house and go window shopping, grocery shopping, or something of that sorts.  Then we try to get back to the house around 4 and he will lay down again for a bit.   I have had a tendency to lay down at this time too!!!  Oh I love NAP time!  :o)

I have been busy with Kellen's party planning!  I can't wait!  Our good friends the Whitfield's are coming in from Augusta and I am so excited (we will finally get to meet their newest family member, Hampton).  Our friend Ashly is going to take pictures through the party so I am so excited to see how they come out.  Matt's grandparents will be here from Indiana and it has been a while since they have seen him.  My friend Jennifer is going to help me make Kellen's cake and I am super excited.  Not having a job as allowed me the time to play Martha Stewart for a bit!  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such great friends and family that will help us celebrate such a special time!  I can't wait to share the pictures with everyone! ***Can you tell I am "excited" I used the word a lot in this paragraph???***

How can you say NO to this face????

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  1. Steph he is so stinkin cute. I am so excited to come and see yall. I know you are loving being at home with him and his schedule is great...2 naps gives you some time to get some things done. Love ya and see you next week.


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